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management is the day to day work activity carried out by each employee based
on the agreed measurement tools, for example KPI

management is being explained as day to day management of work carried out by
employees or teams based on the agreed performance standards, skills and
competence required for the job. Organisations manage individual and teams responsibly
to ensure that goals and objectives are achieved in a well-organized and
effective manner. (Chandan Kumar Sahoo and Sambedna Jena, 2012)

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management includes combined goal setting, ongoing progress review and regular
communication of feedback and coaching to ensure performance is improved and
employee individual  development progress
are implemented.(C.K Sahoo and Sukanta Mishra,2012)

objective of this assignment are as follows: determine performance management
process used within the Acme progressive company, the data collection tools
used in performance appraisal and efforts required by the organizations to
provide context and meaning of performance management for employees thus
increasing employee engagement and motivation as well as methods used to
improve the performance measurement systems and employee performance.

Performance Management method is in phases
changing every year on varying goals.

Phases comprises of Design, Monitoring,
and Review.

Initial stage of planning:  Manager define clear expiation on performance,
skills required and well as personal development plans (PDP) of individual
employee. Clear goals are discussed and agreed upon by two parties which are
aliened to the strategic goals of the organisation. Management perform monthly
reviews and coaching and feedback is engaged during this process for continuous
improvement. Performance management should be done monthly while coaching is
done whenever there is a need or deviation from the initial plan.

The following
method were incorporated in the case study

Planning performance with staff

newly appointed manager identified challenges that employees were encountering
in reaching their targets. She then engaged with Michaels and discussed the
matter with him. Michael explained that he does not know what course the
problem because his employees perform tirelessly. The manager to be busy does
not entail working SMART. The manager booked a meeting with Michael to address
the underperformance of his subordinates. During addressing performance review
with Michael, his manager gave Michael a task of discussing the performance
targets with her and supported Michael that she will discuss with him about his
performance and he should also apply the same approach to his employees.

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