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People develop themselves through the many faces of
life but in every race there’s always a starting line. It is the first block of
the structure of life and will continue to give until the end. Family is where
life started and it is a variable on how one grows as a person.


The term “family”, according to Oxford Dictionaries,
means a group consisting of two parents and their children living together as a
unit. The meaning faced a lot of changes               since early 15c where it meant “servants
of a household,” from Latin familia,
which the Latin word rarely appears in the sense “parents with their

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Lisa Belkin’s “A ‘Normal’ Family” states a study that
shows attitudes are changing:

“What is a “family”? Statistically, it is no longer
a mother, a father and their biological children living together under one roof
(and certainly not with Dad going off to work and Mom staying home). Although
perception and acceptance often lag behind reality, there is evidence that a
new definition of family — while far from universally accepted — is emerging.”

An example of the change is the rise of the LGBTQ rights
broke the stereotype of what a family should consist. Thought the original
concept of family still applies today, the change is noticeable.

Long story short, defining a family by its physical
variables changes throughout the years.

Agreeably, family is important. However, what a family
holds is much                                  important than
what it should consist. What makes a family a family?

to Loofbourrow, “Family is love, even if love can be a weird thing.          Family is acceptance. Sure there are
disagreements and arguments, and those holidays that have mashed potatoes
thrown, but it doesn’t go away. Family doesn’t go away, no matter how annoying
at times.”

Quora user Raghav Upmanyu wrote “Your family isn’t
(and shouldn’t be) limited to              
 your parents & siblings. If
you go by the concept of how families are supposed to function,                             you could actually
be living as a family with your friends who are really close to you.             You and your family (your friends,
here) does everything that a family does to protect, preserve, nurture, and
guide its members.”

In relation, Grace Herker states “Family is a very
important part of life.                                   Your family
is the people in your life who love you, support you,                                            stand
by you, and care for you, no matter what, all through your life.                                        I’ve been spending this week with my family,
and it’s reminded me just how wonderful life is with them.”

Wendy Elliot-Murray shared on Quora:

of us never get on with family. We choose our family from m our friends and
they become our family. Both my parents have passed and I was never close to either.
My dad was never around and my mum was uninvolved. My sister and I never got
along. Very early on she decided her friends were her family. I never counted.
She would happily come to my town and never visit me unless she needed
something from me.  No matter what I did
or how hard I tried, we have never been close. Her children and husband are the
only family she wants or needs. That’s fine. Her life, her choices.

So you don’t need family. You can create your own.
But for what it’s worth, I think it would be lovely if the one you are born
into is the one you like and want to be with. Sometimes it just doesn’t happen.”

the movie Lilo and Stitch, it quoted “Ohana means family. Family means nobody
gets left behind or forgotten.” It highlights that families are bound together
and members must unite and remember one another.


Family is not just about who’s in it – rather – it’s about who they are in one’s
heart. The writer’s perception of family is when there’s care, understanding,
love, and faith. She always thought that if one feels he/she doesn’t belong and
there’s no communication, care, understanding, love, and faith, it’s not a
family. It’s just a group of strangers who happen to share the same DNA. It’s
not just about the father, mother and siblings.                                        A family
instills the value of love, affection, care, truthfulness, and self-confidence                   that provides light and support which are
necessary to get success in life.                                Family helps
bring significance to life which is essential to lead it happily. Family is the
backbone of society and individuals; no man is an island after all.                                           Family
is a weird place but it is a place where one can be at peace.                                             The
literal meaning doesn’t really match what it means/takes to be one.                                  There are many
definitions of family; however, the significance of the family is the same. 

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