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“Patrick Lencioni on Building and Leading a HighPerformance Team” was a video that demonstrated how the lack of trust betweenthe leader and the other members made the team vulnerable in any situation.

Lencionitalked about his previous employer lacked the trust in his team because he wasso famous and liked he preferred doing things is own way. He explained how thedirector of marketing finally spoke up about the CEO’s lack of interaction withhis team and each member of each department filled out an evaluation asfeedback to him. At a meeting including Lencioni, his CEO and the company’s executives,the only person to speak out against the CEO’s methods of leading a team was shutdownand no one wanted to stand up against their boss to point of the flaws heshared (Patrick Lencioni 2010).

The leaderslacked of acceptance to his faults, which resulted in countless mistakes due tothe lack of communication, team efficacy and cohesiveness.Trust is the foundation in effectively leading a team toexcel. The interactions throughout a team’s progress demonstrates the trust ateam shares with it’s individual members. Members must share unequivocal trust witheach other because each individual has their own task. If the trust is presentin a group, each individual’s tasks will join to complete the project orconflict they are faced with.

But in order to reach this final step, a teammust demonstrate a relationship where a leader shares with the entire team andis bound by efficacy and cohesiveness. A team’s efficacy to select a strategy andexecute is essential in a strong effective team as well as the team’scohesiveness is an example of loyalty through trust of fellow teammates. (Phillipsand Gully 397). “because the lack of trust in a team can undermine any teamactivity, building trust is an important managerial task. Giving frequent taskfeedback and interpersonal contact can help diverse teams utilize theirdiversity to their advantage and create process gain” (Phillips and Gully 398).

This quotation exemplifies how trust between the leader and the other membersis demonstrated through feedback on previously completed tasks. This willbetter the performance for the other members by feedback from the leader, positiveor negative it will effectively acknowledge member’s accomplishments andfailures.             My personal experience being apartof a team that shared strong efficacy, cohesiveness and trust, all three are mostcertainly the foundation of the team in my line of work. As a constructionworker day to day work relies heavily on entrusting an individual to do onetask while you complete another. In hope, of completing the project or taskgiven at hand in a similar time frame.

During the summer, my manager, the headof the company, went to Ireland for two weeks and decided to leave me in chargeof the company while he was gone. My manager entrusted me with this greatresponsibility and believed I would excel. As a result, to his faith in me, I didperform very well as the head foreman on job sites across Manhattan. Fromattending meetings in his stead to completing tasks along side my coworkers onjob sites. Trust enabled my manager and I to run a highly effective team tocomplete goals and past obstacles that would be impossible without such highlevels of efficacy and cohesiveness.

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