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patients records, have leadership skills to lead their team and problem solving skills to treat a patient depending on their symptoms. Dentist also need to be able to work well with their hands as they deal with small places in which they use tools and be able to detect small details especially when creating a replica of a tooth to apply as a crown for weak teeth. (Krueger, 1995)In addition to the qualities of a dentist, dentists also need to have professional attributes that benefits all health care workers around them. Some professional attributes include having good communication skills and knowing about business as many dentists own their own practice.They also need to be honest with their patients, have problem solving skills and be friendly to their patients as many fear a dentist.In order to become a dentist there are educational requirements that need to be fulfilled. The individual must graduates from a certified dental school which normally lasts four years. In order to get into dental school the Dental Admission Test (DAT) must be taken. Getting into dental school can be difficult as it is very competitive.  Privacy’s (2003) research found the following,”General criteria used in making admissions decisions include: Overall grade point average, Number of biology, chemistry and physics courses completed and grades earned, Total credit hours earned prior to enrollment in dental school (preference given to individuals with bachelor’s degrees or more), Quality of academic preparation, e.g., degree of difficulty of courses, course load, DAT scores.” Paying for dental school can be difficult as it is expensive but a dentists income is high so the loan can be paid in no time. The working conditions for a dentist can vary. Depending on the dentist he/she can work alone, with a small staff or with a partner.  A dentist must also use gloves and face masks to infectious diseases from spreading between the patient and the dentist themselves. (BLS, 2017)A dentists schedule can also vary. Some work just during the week which is regular business hours and consists of forty hours. Others may also work the weekend for their patients convenience. The setting for a dentist can also vary from a hospital to a private office.(Krueger, 1995)Dentistry is a job in which the salary is quite high. The typical salary for a dentist is $214,070. (Krueger, 1995) However the the pay of a dentists depends on many factors. Some include the years they worked, how popular the location is and the number of hours they work. They pay can also depend on their area of specialty. For example a orthodontists earns $208,000 plus. (BLS, 2017)Being a dentist can come with some stress. The long hours of work and figuring out a suitable treatment option for all patients can take a toll on the dentist. To help deal with this stress dentists can do one of three things. Those include a massage, a nice vacation and some quality family time. All these three things can take a dentists mind off work and help ease their stress. Especially a massage can help relax the tense muscles helping the dentist relax. Taking a vacation and spending time with family can also help the person relax and have a good time.Once you become a dentist advancement opportunities depend on the fact of whether or not you own a practice. The dentists who own the practice dont have the ability to advance as they are already at the top. However for those dentists who are employees they can advance to higher positions as other dentists retire. If a individual was to consider becoming a dentists they would have to consider the job outlook. A job outlook is how many jobs are available in a specific field. Dentistry has a very high job outlook rating. Job employment for a dentist is predicted to grow about seventeen percent from the year 2016 to 2026. Dentists have a excellent job outlook because there is a high demand for dentists as the population grows older. (BLS, 2017)

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