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Patientsafety issue occurs in most health care setting. The outcome indicator of patientsafety such as fall, pressure ulcer or medication error is used to benchmarkthe quality of care in Malaysia. Patient safety can be defined as “thereduction of risk of unnecessary harm associated with healthcare to anacceptable minimum” and quality of care means “a process that must guaranteeeach patient the combination of diagnostic and therapeutic acts that willensure the best results in terms of health” (World Health Organization, 2015). Studyby Steelman et al., (2013) shown it is identified that most common patientsafety issue include pressure injuries, medication error, wrongsite/procedure/patient surgery and retained surgical items. Similar study byAthanasakis (2012) also identified that the most common concern patient safetyissue are falls, use of wrong equipment, pressure injuries, hospital infection,and medication error.

Besides, medication error, pressure injuries and patientfall are top 10 issues in patient safety in Malaysia (MOH, 2013). Patientsafety during hospitalization is the priorities of healthcare providers, whichmean to perform care in the safest environment possible and prevention ofmedical error as well (Koppenberg, 2012). . According to Kim (2013), the mostcommon type of medical error in health care setting is medication error. Hecontinues that medication error resulted in negative consequences, includinglong hospital stays, increased economic burden and threat to patients’ lives.

It was supported by Gunningberg, Stotts, (2011) that shown the presence of pressure ulcer will reduce thequality of patient’s life and increased patient’s medical cost. ¬†Currentlythere is limited study assess the relationship between the level of practice ofICU nurses and adverse event rate. Research can be done to explore the level ofpractice of nurses and it relationship with adverse event rate in Malaysia. ¬†

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