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Pat Mora is one of the most famous Mexican-American poets who advocates for the Hispanic community. Mora is a superhero, she is not only a poet but also a writer, former teacher, university administrator, museum director, and consultant. She has written numerous children’s books that are bilingual and enjoys talking about family and culture. She is the founder of El día de Los niños/El día de Los Libros, which is celebrated on April 30. She has numerous awards which include “the Kellogg National Leadership Fellowship, fellowships in poetry from the National Endowment for the Arts, four Southwest Book awards and the Premio Aztlán Literature Award”(Boruch). Out of all the different poems that I read, the one that caught my eye was “Sonrisas”. The reason is that I am also a Mexican- American and I was able to relate to the poem. To begin, the way that the poem was written is very interesting. It is only divided into two stanzas and it has no rhyme scheme. The first stanza is the observation of the people in one room and the second stanza, it is the observation of a different group of people in another room. The author does this because she finds herself in the middle of two different cultures. By having two rooms she is able to create individual settings for each culture so that the reader could be able to compare and contrast them easier. The author describes the first room in which she works strict, quiet and boring place. She does this by using imagery. We can imagine that she might be in an office because it is so quiet that she can hear the clicking sound of a computer. The author repeats the word “click several times because she is trying to convey that the people in the room do not like to socialize with each other. This implies that the people in the room are not friendly and are only there to work. Mora mentions that the room contains cups of Black Coffee. The black coffee represents the bitterness atmosphere and the color of the room. It also means that the job is boring and they constantly need to drink the coffee to stay awake. The author mentions that the women are talking about different topics. One of the topics that are talking about is budgeting which means that the women possess the power to determine the amount of money that the company can use. They are also talking about tenure which means that they have a lifelong position which is only give to people that have a good education. Lastly, they mentioned curriculum which is associated with education.We can conclude that they probably work in the educational system and they hold a high possession because they are drees in “crisp beige suits”. At the end, we find out that the women are Caucasian because she mentioned that they have “quick beige smiles”. We can also conclude that the women are serious and are not happy because they hardly smile. When she peaks into the other room she sees senoras. We can imply that it is a different culture than the first one because she uses some words in Spanish. The women are wearing faded dresses which indicate that the women do not have a lot of money. The women are working in a lower position than the woman in the first room. They could be teachers or perhaps they hold a lower position in the school such as cafeteria workers or cleaning women. The women are drinking sweet milk coffee instead of black coffee. The sweet milk coffee represents that the atmosphere is more friendly and colorful. It seems that the women get along pretty well they are having a good time and they are laughing too much. At one point the author mentions sh, sh, mucho ruido which means we need to be quiet we are being too loud. The room is not empty like the other one this one is filled with the smell of fresh homemade tamales. Usually, in the Mexican culture, people make tamales for special occasions. When they make tamales they make a couple of dozens because it takes a lot of work to make them and they loved to share with their friends and love ones. In other words, the women could be celebrating something or someone.Tours the end we find out that the women are Mexican, she mentioned again that they are having a good time and they have to hold there laugh because they are making too much noise. Throughout these observations, the speaker seems to be caught between American and Mexican culture and does not know which culture she belongs to. She uses parallelism, and metaphor to compare and contrast both cultures. The cultures have completely different lifestyles, in the American culture, she describes the woman as being busy and not socializing with each other. The use of imagery lets us know that the room has a negative atmosphere and it is very silent. While in the other Culture the room has a positive atmosphere and is full of joy. One big difference is that the American Women are in higher society because they can afford to dress up in suits while the Mexican women wear faded dresses.I can relate to the author because I am also a Mexican- American and sometimes I do not know which culture I belong to more. I agree with the author that the cultures are very different. From my experience, I have noticed that American families do not spend a lot of time with their families. They hardly visit each other and if they do it’s usually for a birthday or special occasions. In Mexican culture family is really important and they love spending time with each other; they visit each other often without having a special occasion. Another thing that I agree with the author is that in American culture people take their job seriously and do not socialize with each other. It almost seems that they are only there to finish the job quickly. While in Mexican culture people tend to enjoy every moment and love to socialize with people. It is also true that Americans usually are in an upper-class society because they get a better education.To wrap it up, I love being part of both cultures because I can celebrate more holidays and I can experience the best qualities that each culture has to offer. In conclusion, the theme of the poem is being bicultural. In the United States, there are numerous people who are mixed in race and have more than two cultures. Just like the author people with multiple identities sometimes feels lost because they can not choose between cultures. They are push by society because it forces people to choose only one identity. We can see it when we fill out an application for a job or a university and they ask you your race. I will remember this poem because I found myself in the same situation, sometimes I’m not sure what culture I belong to. Overall, being bicultural has a lot of advantages, such as  Speaking two languages, eating different kinds of foods, and celebrating more holidays.

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