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Passage Tax – obligation to charge – Madhya Pradesh Entry Tax Act, 1976 Section 3 – the Madhya Pradesh Commercial Tax Act, 1994 – Entry Tax Act Schedule – II Entry No.32 , Entry No.55 – ‘Medications and Cosmetics Act, 1940 Section 3(b) – basic speech – prevalent sense – weight of confirmation – building up of assessment risk by exhausting expert – confirmations to show taxability – Drugs – Hair Shampoo – Chemical – ‘Medikar’ – ‘Restore Instant Starch’ – question about whether ‘Medikar’ is a ‘Hair Shampoo’ or a ‘Medication’ and ‘Resuscitate Instant Starch’ is a ‘Substance’ with the end goal of impose of Entry Tax under the arrangements of the M.P. Passage Tax Act – Assessing Authority demands punishment with enthusiasm upon non installment of section charge by the assessee – High Court (M.P.) by the reprimanded request and judgment held ‘Mediker’ is essentially a restorative item and starch being not implied available to be purchased but rather utilized as a part of creation of different articles, couldn’t have been influenced agreeable to passage to impose, all the more along these lines, without its specify in the Schedule. It was additionally held that starch isn’t a synthetic SLP recorded by State – Supreme Court – upon basic examination of arrangements of the Legislation and different legal references – held – ‘Mediker’ which is utilized for against lice treatment is a medication due to its restorative influence Once it is a medication, it can’t be a cleanser. As a characteristic end product, it won’t welcome the risk of require of passage impose inside the significance of Entry 32 – for ‘Resuscitate moment starch’, the income guaranteed it to be a concoction however in like manner speech it isn’t viewed and regarded as a compound or a blanching powder. In the event that the very substance or item would have a synthetic organization, at that point just it would make the said substance a concoction inside the importance of Entry 55 – the interest is without any substance– Appeal rejected.

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