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Paint booth is an
extensive word and generally could be used to describe paint booths of several categories
from the basic tools to more technologically invested tools in terms of
features. They are available in all these
levels from basic to ones with complex features to cater for every market
requirement, say startup companies to
more developed and established ones. One
great consideration for startup shops is the type of booth that will be useful
at the starting period and also in the future of the company. Looking at the
automotive companies or auto dealers, there are some paint booths that are very
commonly used first being the cross-drafts. One of the top reasons for the
popularity of the cross-drafts is their pocket-friendliness. It consists of
filtered columns that allow air to get in. For exhaustion,
a number of columns are available at the back of the booth. They don’t  require concrete work and this accounts for the
economical part since concrete can be quite costly. In the process of
manufacturing, cross-drafts are made with the minimum amount of material
possible. Semi down-draft paint booth is another automotive applicable booth
with air entry at a part at the front side of the booth. In this type of booth concrete
is not necessary hence it is also very economical. The method of airflow is
advantageous in this case because the air flowing in goes down a diagonal form.
It might be necessary to have concrete
pits for a down-draft. The downdraft is regarded safe because the contaminants
are directed away from the material painted. It has a high level of cleanliness
as the air is collected around the car and released at its bottom side. The
painter is considered to be in a safe position while utilizing this booth since
the overspray is positioned away from him and also faces down. Mostly there are
no corrections required after the finish while using downdraft paint booth
hence can help save money. In side-draft paint booths, air is introduced via
the ceiling and exhaustion done via the side walls. Both the ceiling and walls
are filtered. It doesn’t need concrete pits to function hence cost-effective as the cost of adding concrete is
eliminated. Technological advancements
are playing a great role in the making of paint booths and therefore more
features are being considered.



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