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Packaging characteristic creates uniqueness in a brand (
Silayoi & Speece 2004).Packaging of any product is far more than merely a
convenient means of getting a product to the consumer without damage (Hine,
1995; Spence, 2016).Packaging appeals consumer’s attentiveness towards a
certain brand or product, boost its image, and inspire consumer’s perceptions
about product (Rundh 2005).Apart from this, packaging also conveys original
value to products as according to (Underwood, 2003; Silayoi, & Speece,
2007), whereas as it works as an equipment for differentiation, and also helps
consumers to decide the product from wide range of parallel products, packaging
which also stimulates customer’s buying preference toward a product(Wells,
Farley & Armstrong, 2007).Over the last couple of decades, it has
increasingly been noted that product packaging acts as a powerful marketing
tool in its own right (Rundh, 2005), and the same level of attention and
techniques are used in other areas of marketing in order to maximize commercial
success (Ahmed, Ahmed, & Salman, 2005).

In current
time’s consumer are bombarded with multiple marketing stimuli in order to
attract consumer in their directions by companies. On an average consumers in
times of shopping session are exposed to excessive amount of product choices in
a span of 30-minutes or less (Keller, 2008). Although the main purpose of
packaging is to protect the product , but companies also use it as an
instrument for promotion of their marketing offers in order to increase their
sales. A good packaging of any product helps it to be identified and
differentiated from other similar products to general consumers. Apart from
this a good packaging also helps the product to be safe and easy and secure in
its delivery process.

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The basic reason for a consumer to purchase any product depends
upon his level of intensity of his desire to fulfill his basic needs, as he
expects that anything he buys will satisfy his needs. A consumer preference
decision mostly depends on the way he communicates for anything. (Kupiec &
Revell 2001)As such, the effect of packaging is of great significance for any
designers, marketers, and brand managers. It has been analyzed and estimated
that: over three-quarters of food products and drinking purchase decisions are
made at the point of sale (Connolly & Davison, 1996; POPAI, 2014); 90% of
consumers make a purchase after only looking at the front of pack; and 85% of
consumers make a purchase without even picking up an alternative product
(Urbany, Dickson, & Kalapurakal, 1996).So packaging can help achieve these goals
both at the point of sale and the point of consumption (Hawkes, 2010; Hine,
1995; Spence, 2016).

In this fast
moving world the companies should evolve them self s in order to have better
understanding of their consumer buying process , not only this but they should
also try to identify and understand what factors of packaging characteristic
influence the buying behavior or brand preference applied by their customers
during their purchase decisions process. If this marketing research is done by
companies it will help them to create and apply right packaging characteristic
for their product that are of more importance to their consumers. As in the
long run it is the intention of every organization to keep developing their
brand and retain their existing customers (Alvarez and Casielles, 2005).

According to analysis consumers respond to
packaging of a product according to their previous knowledge retained by them,
their individual preferences and learned reaction from others (Aaker
2010). Therefore packaging elements such as shape size ,safety and shelf life
might influence consumers to respond in a positive manner. The basic purpose of packaging
characteristic is also to provide protection to its brand and secure it so it
may not be blemish by consumer when they are in contact with the product (Grundvag & Ostli, 2009)

In current times it can be seen that
packaging characteristic of a product can also be effected based on the
societies beliefs and certain traditional beliefs in which field studies may
have very little role as it is a well-known that packaging is the most
effective marketing tool used by companies to sell most of their products
(Sahhaf Zadeh, 2014).As many
purchases done by consumers in large chain stores is usually done without
beforehand planning it is important for companies to attract consumers to their
brand by their packaging as safety aspect of 
packaging is secures it from the production to consumption phase (Keyhan Nejad, 2012). Packaging importance has been acknowledged
round the globe for brand building and consequently the expenses on
advertisement have been seen reduced. As once a brand of a company becomes
familiar companies do not have to spend a large amount on advertising as
consumer will reach the brand automatically. Companies only need to maintain
the supply of its product in the market so that a consumer may not switch to
the nearest competitors due to unavailability of the product (Belch &
Belch, 2001).Packaging is nowadays used as a source of communication to consumer
and maintains the brand in the market as packaging images helps the company to
attract its consumers. (Rettie & Brewer, 2000)

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