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P8PresentationOne of the way where scientific communication may be communicatedis presentation. Presentation can include images and graphs. Presentation isnormally used for the lectures, conferences and other meetings.

Presentationare usually used to discuss about some new ideas or something that can beImproved and also to inspire people to participate. Presentation are mostsuitable for student in universities, secondary schools or colleges because itis more attractive and can involve more people to participate. So overall presentationcould be useful for general audience that might not be familiar with the topic/subject.ReportReport is used to describe what happens in the process of theexperiment and  the results of theresearch that have been done in the experiment. Report is used to write aboutwhat is done in the experiment and what is found from the experiment. Report should include following subheading:TitleTitle should be brief and clear.

It should describe what thereport is about.Abstract Abstract is basically a summary of the results and conclusion ofthe experiment. It should be as short as possible and easy to understand forreader.Introduction Introduction should tell the reader what is the aim of theexperiment and also hypothesis should be included to show that the experimentcan be tested. Also introduction should include the objectives or in the otherwords what we trying to achieve in the experiment.

MethodMethod should describe how the experiment carried out anddescribing the equipment that were used and why. ResultsResults consist of data from the experiment. The data usuallypresented in form of graph or table it is Important that it is one of them notboth. Comments of the result should be also included and it should bequantitative.DiscussionIn this section of the report comments on the result of theexperiment should be included and also if there is unexpected results it shouldbe pointed out.  Results should be alsocompared with other results from same experiment and explained.

ReferencesReference should include all the sources referred to the report.All the references should be in one place so under the subheading references.When creating a report it is very important to consider that the audienceof this type of information will be special because people that would read thereport could be in the same field of research.

This mean this type of audience mighthave a good knowledge about the subject and so have a good understanding of thereport so report can be as detailed as possible because it is unlikely thatresearch may not be understood (if it is correct).PosterPoster is an illustrated abstract of the work that you’ve done. Itshould be short without too much of details and poster should just describesome important points. It is used to entertain reader to read on. Data shouldbe presented on the poster and it should be easy to read the poste so the textsize shouldn’t be too small.

Poster should include the most important partwhich is conclusion. Everything in the poster should be have consequence  so reader don’t get confused. For the posteris easier to use graphs and images because sometimes those could be much moreuseful than just a words. Colours is another important factor because it canengage reader even more but it shouldn’t be too colourful cause it tires theeye quicker. The most suitable audience for poster is for people from the sameresearch field but they don’t have to know all the scientific terminology or practicesto understand the poster.

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