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0px}span.s1 {text-decoration: underline ; font-kerning: none}span.s2 {font-kerning: none}span.Apple-tab-span {white-space:pre}Philosophy Should be Taught in High SchoolsPhilosophy is a course that is both mind-blowing and extremely useful and should definitely be taught in all high schools. High school and the overall educational systems’ intention is to produce students who will be functioning members of society.

To fulfill the qualifications of a functioning member of society it is most efficient to give students a specialized course which provides the foundation for these qualifications. Philosophy is a course that imparts the tools and fundamentals needed to conquer and conform to to a myriad of challenges and situations. Therefore, Philosophy should be taught in high schools. The intention of high schools is to educate functioning members of society. A functioning member of society is a person who contributes to the general good of humanity, the general good of humanity entails humanity’s ongoing survival and the betterment of society. In order to do this, a person must have a job so that they at least can provide for themselves and with luck, provide for others. This betters society and humanity because if every body is able to provide for themselves and others there will be less crime and more peace.

The second qualification is that a person must have the capability to find interests outside their job in order to relax while they are not working. This will in turn make such person more effective in their jobs because they will be happier and well rested. Thirdly, a person must have the means to start and raise a family. This is important to ensure the protraction of the humanity.

Lastly, a person needs to have the ability to conquer any challenges and conform to any situation that might get tithe way of the completion of the other three qualifications of a functioning member of society. When a person achieves all four qualifications then they are officially a fully functioning member of society.  In order to influence functioning members of society it is crucial to have dedicated courses that give students the foundation necessary so that one day they can fulfill the qualifications. Take an example of dance, would a person have better understanding, knowledge, and qualifications necessary to become a dancer after briefly touching upon the art of dance in a variety of different subjects in a random manner or after attending a course that is revolved around and geared directly towards producing dancers? Obviously, a person would have better expertise following having gone through the second option as it gives a person a much deeper understanding of the art of dance. Continuing on this logic, schools present courses for fulfilling the first three qualifications.

For example; sciences, maths and english are for the first qualification, physical education and the arts for the second qualification, and home ed and classes where it is more about interacting with peers train students’ social and practicable skills that are needed when starting and raising a family. Nevertheless, most schools do not provide a course for the plausibly most crucial qualification, which is the ability to conquer problems and conform to situations that get in the way of the fulfilment of the other three qualifications. Therefore, high schools should present a course that is solely dedicated to teaching students the fundamentals to fulfilling the fourth qualification of a functioning member of society. Philosophy is a course that gives students the fundamentals and tools to fulfill the requirements of being able to overcome challenges and adapt to situations that affect their ability to be a functioning member of society. Philosophy is based on and so, teaches the laws of logic as well as the logical fallacies. If a person has a well founded understanding of logic and the logical fallacies then, that person is able to comprehend, produce, and recognize logical arguments. In addition, this process of learning teaches a person to analyze their own ideas and in turn, this fine tunes a persons thought process by organizing it and thus, making it more productive.

A productive and efficient thought process makes more quick problem solving and therefore enables for the overcoming of nearly all problems that might stand in the way of official functioning. For example, if a person is trying to convince another of a particular idea or topic, if they do not have any prior knowledge in logic, they might be making fallacious, non-coherent, and inefficient arguments and points, therefore failing their goal. However, on the contrary, if that person did have a background in logic, their arguments and points would most probably be organized, concise, and logical and therefore would more likely be able to convince the other person of whatever their topic or idea was. Moreover, Philosophy gives students an example of a clear thought process to work of off by showing students the theories and opinions of many different philosophers with different point-of-views. For example, if someone is wondering why they do what they do but hasn’t been taught logic or learned about the beliefs of past philosophers they may become depressed.

However, if this question occurred to someone who understands logic on a deeper level and has previously read the works of past philosophers who’s ideas lay in freewill, they would be able to logically analyze their own thoughts and the views of Friedrich Nietzsche and Jean-Paul Sartre and come to the conclusion that they will not only conquer their problem, but they might also come out stronger after having gone through it. Therefore, Philosophy is a course that would give an exceptional layout of the fundamentals needed for the fulfillment of the fourth requirement of a functioning member of society. In conclusion, provided that the intention of high schools and education is to prepare students to be full functioning members of society who can maintain a job, have interest in things outside of work, start and raise a family, and conquer problems that interfere with the other qualifications, the most effective way to achieve this is to present students with specific courses dedicated to these requirements. Philosophy is the only course that is solely for supplying the fundamentals for the fourth requirement, this is why philosophy should be taught in high schools. 

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