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The most destructive war of all times in the world started many years before its succession. Everything started back in the 1914 when European nations were fighting among their pride (nationalism, militarism, and imperialism). Later on, with the consequences of these confrontations, specifically the ones of the Treaty Of Versailles, a strong resentment was arising in Germany; as predicted by president of the United States, Winston Churchill. It was about nothing more and nothing less than the will for revenge of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini. Both were men that had enough power to do what they wanted to do; one was the better known Il Duce of Italy, and the other was the totalitarian chairman of the Nazi Party. They began by  making an alliance which then Japan joined and fortifying the military sector. After this, in 1939, denying the promises made at the Munich Conference, Germany invaded Poland to gain territorial power and therefore win world wide influence. Indeed, after two days WWII was declared. From then on after several more invasions, countries took sides and the allies and axis powers settled. At this time, the United States wanted to remain neutral because people thought that isolationism could prevent the devastating consequences of WWI. However, on December 7 of 1941, Japan invaded Pearl Harbor as a response of the economic strategy done by the Unites States with the willing to end Japan Attacks. Then, with the acceptance of Roosevelt’s declaration  of war on Japan by the congress, the Unites States entered WWII. Following this, the nation started to do whatever was possible to keep their dignity, so mobilization started to occur. During this process, people passed through a lot of ruptures from their work until their families. So that, WWII brought several economic and social changes in the United States, molding Americans perception of their theirselves and all the around the world. 

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Industrial prosperity

First of all, with US participating in the war, the federal government took an active role the economy to comply with war demand. It supported the goods of the nation by spending in factories and businesses. In fact, “for a time the government became the purchaser of one-half of all the goods produced by the American people”(Goodwing). With this in hand, resources that were useful for the war were controlled in order to support overall wellness of the US Army. In order to attract labor force, the government increased wages and prices, and promoted rents and the production of quotas. As an effect, people were working back after the Great Depression, so do the unemployment rate went down to 2%. With government contracts that promoted the profit of big businesses, production was on its higher rates. As a matter of fact, “The average Ford car had some 15,000 parts. The B-24 Liberator long-range bomber had 1,550,000. One came off the line every 63 minutes” ( Overall, the country passed through an important economic success that meant the recovery of the Great Depression. Refer to figure 1 for an illustration of the national GDP growth before the Great Depression to the ends of WWII.

Freedom arise

A new conception of economic and social freedom grew as the necessity of the country to support the war. With this, people started to perceive the country as a community able to succeed. This is backed up by the Four Freedoms speech made FDR encouraging  economic, emotional and social rights for everyone. Likewise, different resource institutions were advertising equal economic treatment for all by full employment thus higher living standards. It was a real concern  for the government to provide enough public services to cooperate for liberty among society. In reality, “True individual freedom cannot exist with economic security and independence” (presidency). Additionally, the idea of a free market with  individuals being the only rulers of exchange of goods was developing to inculcate sharing among others. Also, US soldiers got education and housing back ups after the War because of the Servicemen’s readjustment. Finally, these ideals represented an evolution for social masses because it respected the dignity of everyone making them understand the value of freedom in society and economy. and act according to ti

Emerging of divers groups

Between the world of discrimination and racism of WWII expressed by the Nazis, the US was aware of the importance of the unification of country with the acceptance of several groups, an idea of diversity and equality was being promoted. “Americanism is a matter of mind and heart; Americanism is not, and never was, a matter of race and ancestry” (civiced). Immigrants from Mexico and India went to the country and many of then served for the US Army. However, with such diversity, the war at home saw large confrontation between races. On one side, Asian Americans were highly affected by intense racism from Americans because of the resentment that attack Pearl Harbor created; therefore, Japanese were expelled to internment camps where they lived in poor conditions being constantly observed by safeguards. On the other side, African Americans experienced significant transformations; over 1 million worked for the army and a lot of them migrated from the south towards the north looking for jobs. Nevertheless, they faced a lot of discrimination from whites and as a response the Cvil Rights Movement originated. Later on, with a labor tension between African Americans and Native Americans, the Fair Employment Practices Commission was created. It was very effective at supporting African American economic rights, “By 1944 more than a million black people were working in manufacturing, and 300 thousand of them were women”. (Crash course). Hence, the emerging groups during the WWI economic and social prosperity explored the neutralization of racism, and job opportunities; these made them high believers of American liberalism.

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