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It was during the senior years of my adolescence when I was introduced to the industry of business, a field of infinite opportunities and elite experiences. As I entered year 11 of secondary school I joined a club called Future Business Leaders of America, an organization operated solely by students from around the world. I was inspired to take part in their annual competition where students were challenged to design a business that fulfilled a purpose in solving the difficulties exposed to foreigners in South Korea. It was extremely rewarding to see how driven I was to fully engage with others since I was diffident to propose my thoughts to the team at first. However, gained the confidence to share more of my ideas as I realized the potential I had to improves the challenges we face in society through my personal experience as an international student. I further explored this advantage with other activities such as the event I organized with former students in my business class called the ‘Fun Run’. The ideal motive of the event was to raise awareness and charitable money, for the families whom I visited during a missionary trip, by gathering people from the local community to participate in the event. To make this a success, we implemented different areas of business that were manipulated through voluntary management. It was eminently motivating to see myself help others through the skills and knowledge I had in business, which is why I would like to further pursue the course of Business Management at university.

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Through my education within the IB Program, I was given the opportunity to study business as a higher level class. During this course, I learned how to view the world with an analytical and rigorous perspective as I studied Corporate Social Responsibility and Marketing for my Extended Essay. It was truly fascinating to see how businesses endeavored towards success through different business activities involving responsibility and commitment, which I believe I have developed as a character of mine to contribute toward the university. Additionally, I took Korean Literature with English Language and Literature as my higher level classes. Being a bilingual student has been challenging in many ways, but has also allowed me to explore this part of my identity to further benefit my academic life. The requirement of translating Korean business documents into English for my business internal assessment was feasibly done as a result of my ability to speak the two languages fluently. Through the process, I realized how important communication was within the business industry and therefore knew that being bilingual would become useful in the future. I gained a deeper understanding of business and its significance as a fundamental principle of our society at school which is why I would like to study it at a greater level in university.

Not only did I focus on developing academically, but I also took the initiative to become an active member of the school community. Being Captain of the Varsity Cheerleading Team came with the responsibilities of leadership. I learnt how to control situations that involved financial and organizational pressure such as arranging clinics with fees and creating promotional videos to advocate the sport. These experiences helped me to understand how business was a course I truly enjoyed learning, but also its relevance and significance to my everyday life. I recognized how business could ameliorate the unfortunate issues, such as globalization and the lack of economic opportunities, society has projected. With an aspiration to pursue a future job as a businesswoman, I am confident that I have the ability to become a competent individual to serve the problems approached in society once I have the chance to study business with much more depth in university. More importantly, I believe my ardent and optimistic attitude towards learning will contribute substantially to the community of the university.

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