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Foot Locker is a public traded company and it operates two distinct lines of products which is sportswear and foot wears. The company sells most of its products through its major outlets across America and its subsidiaries in the 28 countries. The company also sells its product globally through its global reach brought by their affiliate. The company sells its product through the internet and other retail websites. The company has over 3300 stores in the Unites states and has employed over 44,000 employees. Foot locker runs several brands which include; Foot Locker, Kids Foot Locker, Lady Foot Locker, Sidestep, Champs sport, Runners point and Foot action. The current company CEO is Richard Johnson and the chairman is Santiago Lopez.
Foot Locker mission statement is “To be the leading Global retailer of athletically inspired shoes and apparel” (Foot Locker). This is the same as their vision which is discussed below.
The vision for the Foot Locker company is “To be the leading Global retailer of athletically inspired shoes and apparel” (Foot Locker). This vision is basically what drives this company. This is in the sense that the company keeps innovating and producing new brands of shoes. The company is said to produce both sport and lifestyle inspired product. The fact  the company has had its reach globally also works well with their vision. The company which competes in a highly competitive market has been able to keep its vision alive and innovating to produce inspired products which their customers either locally or globally want to purchase. 
 Foot Locker is guided by values which they have set to ensure their success. The company is guided by seven core values which are: Integrity, this means that the company and its staff must act honestly ethically and honestly. Leadership is the second core value which means the company seeks to inspire, respect and develop. This means that the company looks to be a leader in everything they do in the market and the niche which they operate in. Excellence is the third core value where the company looks to be the best in all that they do. This is in production of high quality footwear and apparel.

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Service, this is the fourth core value where the company seeks to provide the best service to their esteemed customers. Foot Locker places a lot of emphasis on providing top class customer service to their customers and seeks to keep improving their provision of services. Team work, Foot Locker seeks to collaborate, support and commit. Innovation; “Be a student of the business to foster new ideas” (Foot Locker).  This means that company seeks to constantly be innovative and lead the way for new innovation in the market. Last but not least the last core value is community. Foot Locker seeks to embrace diversity, act responsibly towards their customers, investors and the community at large. This means the company will engage in activities which enhance community welfare and give back to the society.

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