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Chapter 1 

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Piscine Molitor Patel (Pi) is a very religious person and is very interested in zoological studies
Pi lives in Toronto, Canada. He studied at the University of Toronto.
Pi mentions a man with the name of “Richard Parker.” Pi has recognized how Mr. Parker has stayed away from him.
Pi mentions how he was sent to a hospital in Mexico, where he was recovering from injuries such as anemia, fluid retention, dark urine, and broken skin. Pi recovered fast from the support of all the other patients in the hospital.
Pi was eating Indian food with his hands in a Indian Restaurant. A waiter had commented “Fresh off the boat, are you?” Pi was offended from the waiters comment.

Chapter 2

Narrator describes Pi as a small, grey-haired, middle-aged man, who talks quickly and directly.

Chapter 3

The narrator explains how Pi got his name. 
Pi says in the novel “I was named after a swimming pool.
Piscine’s uncle (Francis Adirubasamy) who was a champion swimmer. Pi calls Mr. Francis “Mamaji”
The Narrator then introduces the readers to Pi’s brother Ravi. 
Ravi makes fun of Mamaji a lot. He says once mama tried to teach Pi’s parents how to swim but they never made it past their knees. 
Pi remains faithful to Mamaji and by doing this he has learned how to swim.
Mamaji then proceeds to tell many stories about historic pools.
According to Pi, the best pool story he has talked about was the pool in Paris, this pool was called the “Piscine Molitor.” Hence the name Piscine.

Chapter 4

– Pi explains how Pondicherry entered the Union of India in 1954.A few years later, Pondicherry gets a zoo, Pi’s family moves from Madras, India to Pondicherry after Pi’s father buys that zoo.

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