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Chapter 4 (Classification and

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One of the best moments of
your life is when your parents told you to not to speak with
strangers when you were still a kid but you didn’t obey them and
found yourself a friend.

A person which you can share
your memories with. Have fun together, fight and make up after a
while and someone who will support you no matter what.

As I told you before, I have
now found myself another friend last summer. A friend who I really
like and a good influence for me. She made my life a lot better now,
but I also wanted to be a friend that will make her life better and
help her in any way possible.

There are different types of
friend for me. There’s this joker, life coach, honest, risk taker
and loyal friend.

The joker is a friend that is
full of humor. They will do anything just to see their friends smile
and laugh. They are always clumsy, but thoughtful. They can see if
you’re happy or sad and will make you forget all of your problems.
Their easy-going style is the best because they would not let any
stress or problems affect them.

The life coach is a friend
that will always give you an advice whenever you are lost. They are
also the one who gives you an advice even though they haven’t
encountered it yet. The way they give an advice is just like how your
parents does. You will always need someone like them, especially when
you’re not close to your parents because without them you will be
lost in your problems.

The next one is the honest
friend. They are brutally honest, they will tell you everything that
they don’t like about you. They will teach you about what life
really is in the society, where, full of judgmental people will judge
you every time you do something. If you have some problems in your
looks or how you behave, they will tell you everything right in your

The risk takers, they are your
adventurous friends that will introduce you to some ideas and
activities that you might like. They are really a risk taker just
like their labels. They will take the risk like when you want to hang
out with your friends, but their parents would not allow them to go.
They will still find a way just to hang out and have fun with you.

And lastly, there’s the
loyal friend. They are what I call the jack of all friends. They can
do anything, just like making you laugh, give an advice and more.
They are always there when you need them the most. Every time you did
something wrong or you need an advice, they will honestly tell you
all the things you need to know and what to do. You will never forget
this friend and will always have a contact with each other. This is
the friend who is most likely to be your best friend.

I always wanted to be the
loyal friend for her. A friend that will support her in anything that
she does, the person who will make her laugh whenever she has problem
and have good memories to share with. But to achieve this type of
friendship with her, I need to be with her every time she needs me a
person who she can release all those emotions.

I think I’m the joker and
honest friend for her. Because I always make her laugh every time we
talk and I always tell her everything she needs to know when there’s
a problem. The next thing that I might achieve is being a life coach
to her. Because I always tell her everything she needs to do whenever
she has a problem.

This is also my first step in
order to confess my feelings for her and this is also the reason why
I can’t tell her yet. I don’t want this friendship to be over.

What I liked about her being a
friend is how you can easily approach her whether you have a problem
or you just need some to talk to. Just by talking to her makes me
smile and forget my problems.

But to tell you the truth, I
don’t know what type of friend she is.

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