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Overview of GoodLife Fitness


One of the most popular health and fitness centres amongst Canadian is Goodlife Fitness. It is providing best facilities all over Canada for almost 40 years among all the 10 provinces. The basic aim is to provide better services to their customer. Moreover, Goodlife Fitness main focuses to motivate the people of Canada to get a fit and healthy lifestyle by partnering with other fitness centres also. (Goodlife Fitness, 2017)

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Overview of Prospect


Our prospect will be Lambton College in Toronto. Lambton college basically is in partnership with Cestar college. Offering prime education and carrier opportunities to the students Lambton college is amongst the top 20 education institutions in Ontario. Lambton College focuses to improve the student’s knowledge, so they become skilled and professionals in their own field.(Lambton College, 2017)


 Lambton College is currently having 45 faculty members. As we know, Good life fitness is already providing a service to many companies and know they are planning to enter education center and so our target is Lambton college faculty staff cause as recent research we saw there is tension, stress reason behind of their busy schedule on faculty so providing them a gym fitness help them to overcome their stress .so, providing good and proper health facilities in the gym to satisfy the new customer.


Ten Guidelines


So, there are some certain guidelines realise that fulfill the needs of Lambton college.  In brief our main aim of this guidelines to help to meet their requirement.

1.    Provide them certain discount on membership of good life fitness.


2.      Do a questionnaire survey to Determine how many faculty members already have the member ship of our gym or any other gym.


3.    Determine what they pay per month for their membership and they are getting any extra benefits of it or not.


4.    Moreover, provide free body and blood test check up of the member and aware them how different physical exercise help them to heal for health problem.


5.    Find out the near by location of gym to the Lambton college so its access for everyone easily.


6.    A gym trainer always need a supportive and courteous staff that help a new member and moreover also educate them about appropriate usage of machine for different part of body exercises.

7.    Goodlife fitness is also ready for major step to give free trial to their customer so its beneficial for the Lambton college faculty after a trail they can forecast to continue the gym or not.


8.    Lambton college employees don’t have to take an extra time in travelling towards the gym, they can manage it anytime in their daily schedule.


9.    The extra services like spa and free massage would help the customer to stress down.


10. By joining our gym Lambton college employees can get different discount vouchers for their family for all branches in Canada.



Value creation:


Value has not been only measured in the terms of the money, it can assemble in different categories as future benefit to the company, future assets, possible progress in field, satisfaction ratio from the previous works and the consumers. These are the different assets which creates value for the company.

Goodlife fitness is already a well establish company, which already serving thousands of customers in daily time frame, which making community healthy. Still they also need to continue their level of dedication to serving the community in best possible way as they are doing on over 350 locations.

The possible ways to increase more value in the existing level in terms of serving the faculty of Lambton college with more efficient service, some special categories in the application and with flexibility in schedule and the timing of the classes.


Collaboration with the college: The fitness group can be possibly make the partnership with the college to give the possible service and make it better fitness to serve the members of the college and mainly to the college staff. Moreover, the fitness group can propose to college about to give the space for the gym or existing gym can be operated and handled by the Goodlife fitness group to give the best possible atmosphere of the gym and the possible related services.


Flexibility in operating hours: As the main purpose of the fitness centre is for the faculty members of the college, the operating must be flexible to match the professor’s availability to make it possible to access the fitness centre.


Special accessibility in the application: It will be helpful for the staff members if they can find the specific area for themselves in the application, which will be time saving and very efficient to use because at where they can find the specific availability for the specific fitness classes and other possible choices for them.


Possibility of growth: Satisfaction from the fitness centre and their success can directly affect to the other colleges and the other possible locations of the Lambton college to make it same effective as this campus, which is the possibility of growth and which will boost tremendously the value of the Goodlife fitness.


Services of the fitness centre: This is the small project with the high impact in the future, the concept is tough to settle in for the Fitness group but in the future the value of this small initiation can make it all positives for them so, the quality of the serving to the faculties and the reviews of that will add the reputation of the group and will help to create the brand more valuable.

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