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 Overcoming SomethingI don’t need him, right?It was a beautiful summers day. The sky was blue, clear with not a single cloud in sight and not a single worry on my mind. And the wind- the wind was just calm air that made the trees sway lightly. I could hear the birds singing and chattering and could feel the grass tickling my toes. It was a perfect day, but maybe too perfect.”I’m sorry” Those were the words that changed everything. They made me want to know more so I sat down, and listened. Listening to her change everything that I’ve ever known was almost unbearable. Almost. The man whose name was the first work I ever spoke. The man who was supposed to show me the way, catch me when I fall, chase the monsters away and be an essential part of my life. He was supposed to be my hero; shielding me from all the bad things in life, mending my broken heart yet here he was doing exactly that. He didn’t want meThe calm wind was now gusts of wind pushing my hair back and making the trees dance uncontrollably. The sky was now filled with ominous, grey clouds threatening to rain. Suddenly the dark clouds became ragged and a curtain of rain beat down on me. Soaked and cold I still sat there. Suddenly millions of thoughts run into my mind.’He didn’t want me?’ ‘Was I not enough for him?”What was wrong with me?’Then came the tears. I didn’t want to let the idea of you go. You broke my heart, but I still loved you with all the pieces. I had no one to share the pain with, no one would understand. They all had dads who wanted them. They had dads to believe in them and support them in all they did. Most of all, they all had dads to love them.Over the days and weeks, I spent thinking about him I realized something. I didn’t need him to hug me when I’m feeling blue. I didn’t need to run into his arms hand have him swing me around while I laugh gleefully. I didn’t need him to kiss the boo boos away. I didn’t need him, right? I had my mother and she was my father. She didn’t need to kiss the boo boos away because she made sure there were never any. She didn’t need to toss me into the air for me to laugh.I didn’t need you, but I want you.

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