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Overall, my work
involvement in Temasek Polytechnic which is located at innovation centre (IC)
was a great experience. I am glad that I have the opportunities to work with
them for the past 26 weeks. I learnt a lot in both personally and
professionally and could be used for the lesson to improve myself. While at IC
I gained a lot of corporation and team work strategies experience with my
supervisor. I had a lot of practice with autoclave and the methods/steps that
involved in the use of equipment such as centrifuge, pipetting techniques
as well as deploying the safety rules and regulations. Despite the facts that
the school has provided us essential learning on the techniques and skills, it
gave me a head start when I was allocated to conduct some of the lab experiment
which required some lab techniques and abilities. I have contributed my part as
a student intern to give my best in learning and fulfilling all the new
knowledge that was not being taught in class. I achieved many of my learning goals;
however I did not achieve some of the conditions as I wanted. I got insight
into the work involvement as lab assistance. The project that I am handling
plays an important factor. I learned more about the biological of ——.
Working with different people and opportunities to educated people during the
open house was my greatest achievement. The sharing of knowledge and the succeed
in conservation which makes me feel a sense of achievement that I have unlocked
through this internship programme. However, I believed that there is still a
lot of improvement and methods which is yet to be discovered. Lastly, this
internship has given me motivation and new insight to pursue the career in
being a researcher. I can improve on several things and to prepare myself to
work towards my future career. To be able to express myself and present more
confidently in front of others, I can improve on my communication

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