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Overall, throughout this theology class I have
come to know three authors Wright, Redmond, and Reeves. Each writer has given
me different perspectives when it comes to my mission, the love and trinity of
God, and be okay with being an “ordinary” Christian. The vocation I have chosen is
nursing. It will be my goal to grasp a strong understanding of God and have a
relationship with Him, so I can fulfill His plans for my life. In this field I
will be able to use some of the attributes of God. He was loving. He showed
this by giving His son for the redemption of sinful man. I want to be a loving
nurse and show kindness to those in my care. I look
forward to walking in God’s footsteps and looking past the differences,
hardships, and struggles and being thankful for the privilege of having a
helping hand in someone’s medical care.

I chose nursing because I have the tools now
to recognize that I want to find love and joy in being in an environment where
I can walk the path the Lord did in healing others’ pain. Out of my whole
public square interview the one part I respected the most is when this woman
said “Sometimes
it’s not just about improving medical needs but emotional needs as well”
(Public Square Interview).  My primary
goal is to improve the medical needs of the patient, but with the help of God
hopefully I can do much more. Wright helped me understand that my mission can
simply be having a mission in educating others in the ways of the Lord. I can
make a difference by simply acting as the Lord would want me to.

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Matthew B. Redmond discusses in his book The God of The Mundane how in order to
be loved by God we don’t have to be different and outside the ordinary. I
really enjoyed this view of how the Lord will still create a loving
relationship with you even if you’re what people call “ordinary.” Today as a
Christian I hear the opposite. For example, in the church setting you often
hear these unique stories that describe how to have a relationship with God you
need these out of body experiences such as speaking in tongues. Mark 16:17 says
these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out
demons; they will speak in new tongues” (Bible Study Tools). Redmond explains
you don’t have to be different to know God and be able to communicate. As great
as it would be to travel the world and go on different mission trips to connect
to the Lord, this is not a necessity.  I
always questioned if nursing would meet the potential that God has set for me;
but I realized through this book that I don’t have to stand out but believe in
Him, and the Lord will do the rest.

            I feel like God’s teachings and the
profession of nursing fit together perfectly. The Lord looks past the
imperfections. He hears cries of sorrow and pain and fixes them because He
loves us. He has patience, compassion and empathy. Nursing deals with patients
from all walks of life. There are those with different socioeconomic groups,
religious backgrounds, and different education levels. God’s teaching applies
to medical settings, and it equips me to be able to manage all groups. During
my public square interview the woman mentioned how she experienced ”  a year of tears
because I was treated so poorly when I wanted nothing but the best for my
patients” (Public Square Interview). As I listened to the devastating emotional
outcome from a year worth of people who didn’t agree with how this nurse was
working, I found a verse from Matthew 5:44, “But I say unto you,
Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you,
and pray for them that despitefully persecute you” (Best Bible Verses for
Nurses). Throughout the times of occasional sadness that I might endure as a
healthcare provider, I realized through this verse that of course there will be
those that “persecute you” but this isn’t an excuse to love them any less. The
Lord watches me make mistakes every single day and yet still loves me as if I’m
perfect because He created me. As people in the medical care we have to learn
that there will be disappointing days, but each day we are growing in our faith
by trusting His plan. The Public Square interview opened my eyes to not just
how hard a nurses’ job can be but all jobs in life. We’re not perfect and God
knows that so I can handle bad days as well as the best days because I know to
trust in the path that’s set before me.

I was lost for a long time about who
I should be and what my mission was, but Wright’s book made me finally realized
that God is always ten steps ahead. He knows my future and what I had created
me to be in life. The Lord knew that I was going to be shadowed by darkness at
times with complete confusion on what person I was born to be. He was going to
help me through the good and tough times that I was facing in life. The Lord
didn’t make any mistakes when He created me. I knew that whatever my mission
was, I was going to do it with the glory of God. I wanted to provide this care
that was described in The Mission of
God’s People to others that are in need of it, and that’s when I thought of
healthcare. It was like a lightbulb that the Lord presented to me. This
“lightbulb” was no mistake.  I had tried
to find interest everywhere besides healthcare, but the Lord wanted me here.   It reminded me of the verse Ecclesiastes
7:13, “Consider the work of God: who can make straight what he had made
crooked?” Nursing is a great comparison to the way Wright describes our
mission.  I will have the ability as well
as privilege to present love to all people through my work in healthcare and
that will be my mission.

Christopher Wright’s book, The Mission of God’s People, discusses
not only the meaning of God’s mission but our mission as Christians. This book
surrounds the question “Who are we and what are we here for?” (80). Personally,
this made me consider my own life and what my calling was – what my mission is.
Wright explains that our mission is to bless the nations and our calling is to
care for the nation. This means as humans we are created to look after one
another and use God’s plentiful resources, and provide a basis of Christian
values for one another. Wright’s book makes me consider my own question, “what
is my mission statement?”  Jesus has
given several ideas I consider mission statements in the Bible. For example,
Luke 19:10 states “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.” Our
mission in this world is to spread the gospel. 
It is to tell the good news.  This
can make a dramatic impact on others. Wright finally answers the main question
throughout the whole book with a simple “We are to live our mission” (265). As
Christians we don’t live on His beautifully created earth to only read the
Bible and worship but to live our life through our mission and calling that God
has given each and everyone one of us.

The vocation I have chosen is
nursing. In this field I will be able to use some of the attributes of God. He
was loving. Not only is he loving but he is selfless, passionate, and holy. He
showed this by giving His son for the redemption of sinful man. I want to be a
loving nurse and show kindness to those in my care. Hebrews 13:2 explains “Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by
this some have entertained angels without knowing it.” One of the things I’ve
realized about the work I’m preparing myself to do is there will be patients
that don’t agree or favor my opinion based off their medical plan, and that’s
okay. Arriving at a hospital can mean two different things. It could mean
someone’s life is about to drastically change in a very positive way.  Or the exact opposite could happen.  Someone could be arriving, and complete
darkness could overwhelm them. I don’t know these people’s stories, but one
thing I can do is bring happiness and empathy through the Lord. As I was online
I found the most relatable verse when it comes to nursing,  Ecclesiastes 3:3, “a time to kill, and a
time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up” (Bible Verses for
Nurses). Each person that enters the hospital God
loves dramatically. He created each patient so uniquely in His own image. God
was so caring for us that He sent the Holy Spirit to guide and empower us. As a
nurse I hope to rely on the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I want to be caring
and loving towards each patient and relay God’s undying love. Being a nurse
gives me the opportunity to not only be a healer but to share God’s purpose for

One of the most important things in
life is to try and understand God and build a relationship with Him. One of the
most common things I’ve seen in theology is the repetitive “He is the Father,
the Son, and the Holy Spirit.” This is the doctrine of Trinity and is one of
the most important doctrines of the Christian faith. God exists as three
persons, yet is one. According to Genesis 1:26 God said, “Let us make man in
our own likeness.” This would indicate that even in the first chapter of
Genesis the Trinity existed. Before I took theology or biblical literature I
didn’t know the overall meaning of trinity. The best way to describe the love
and delight God gives us is the way Michael Reeves describes it in his book Delighting in the Trinity.  He states, “God is love because God is
trinity” (9). God provides eternal love and protection to His children in
Christ. The reason for our creation on this earth was to love our brothers and
sisters as God loves us. Reeves’ book discusses how if there isn’t an
understanding of God’s Trinity, and if God didn’t possess Trinity then being a
Christian wouldn’t make any sense. Reeves explains, “To know the Trinity is to
know God, an eternal and personal God of infinite beauty, interest, and
fascination. The Trinity is a God we can know, and forever grow to know better”
(Reeves, 12).  He gave His only son to be
the perfect sacrifice for man’s sins. Jesus, the perfect one, died on the cross
for man’s redemption.     After Christ
died on the cross and returned to Heaven to be at God’s right side making
intercession for man, God sent the Holy Spirit as a comfort to man.

Whatever one does in life should center around God and His
plans. For me, I felt called by Him to proceed with college at LeTourneau
University in the field of nursing. Throughout this course in Theology I have
learned through Wright’s, Redmond’s and Reeves’s books that Christianity isn’t
just about going to church and praising the Lord. It’s about what we continue
to do in our everyday life to satisfy Him. There’s explanations for Trinity,
missions, and how having a mundane life can still gives me the chance to have a
relationship with God. Due to the study of the Bible and through these authors’
books I was able to understand how my vocation can relate to Christianity in
all aspects of life.

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