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Over 126 mass shootings have taken place between January of 2000 and July of 2014 (ProCon.

org). Each new shooting leads to more debate on gun control. However, gun control goes way farther back then just a few shootings in the last decade or two. In colonial times, loaded guns were not allowed in Boston homes, and certain people such as Native Americans were not allowed to own guns (, gun control is still heavily debated. People in America take gun rights very seriously.

“Barring a few exceptions,d most countries in the world allow civilians to purchase firearms subject to certain restrictions.13 A 2011 survey of 28 countries over five continentse found that a major distinction between different national regimes of firearm regulation is whether civilian gun ownership is seen as a right or a privilege.16 The study concluded that both the United States and Yemen were distinct from the other countries surveyed in viewing firearm ownership as a basic right of civilians and in having more permissive regimes of civilian gun ownership” ( On one side, people state that gun violence is not because of current gun laws, and that gun control does not work, so we need other solutions. Others state that gun laws are the problem, and we need heavier regulation, and maybe a full ban on certain weapons.

Those against gun control say that gun Control is not the only way to combat gun violence. For example, Chicago, which has a pretty high crime rate already, has actually gone down in homicides from 2016 to 2017. Police claim it is not because of gun control, but instead because of stuff like new technology (

People against gun control also state that guns used in crimes often illegally obtained anyways, so more gun control would just leave the average person more vulnerable, as then only criminals would own guns. Only law abiding citizens would actually be affected by gun control, not criminals. Most against gun control say that instead of restricting guns, we need to do things such as gun education to prevent things like accidental deaths. Other countries such as France also have much stricter gun laws, however despite this around 130 people were murdered by illegal guns in Paris in 2015 ( People against gun control also say that it goes against the second amendment, and their rights ( Also, guns are a form of self defense, and it deters crime.

Most criminals won’t commit a crime if the victim owns a gun, therefore keeping criminals in check and reduction of crime rate.Meanwhile, supporters of gun control say that guns don’t actually help, even in self defense. “Of the 29,618,300 violent crimes committed between 2007 and 2011, 0.79% of victims (235,700) protected themselves with a threat of use or use of a firearm, the least-employed protective behavior.” ( Supporters also state that countries with stricter gun control laws such as Finland and Switzerland have lower amounts of gun deaths.

In 2007, Switzerland ranked number 3 in gun ownership, with only 24 gun homicides. Meanwhile, the U.S in 2007 had 12,632 gun homicides ( Supporters of gun control say that we need a ban on assault weapons, mental tests, and background checks, and that most adults including gun owners agree. This basic, common sense gun control method would prove effective and is supported by most people anyways.

Gun Control supporters interpret the constitution differently than people against gun control, stating that the second amendment isn’t an endless right, and has gone through changes and different forms of gun control ever since it was first ratified. They also state that the second amendment was mostly meant to be applied to militias, and not everyday people. The gun control debate is a very fierce debate, that has been argued for a long time, and will most likely continue to for years to come.

More shootings and events will take place, adding fuel to the debate. Both sides bring compelling arguments to the table, leaving gun control to be a pretty split issue. When this controversy will end, and a solution will be found is long ways away. Until then, where do you stand on gun control? Do you believe we should have more restrictions, or do you believe in freedom for your guns?

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