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Over the years people have learned to invent gadgets with
the purpose of making a certain task easier or more efficient. Even if it is as
simple as making sewing clothes easier. Since the earliest of times, humans have
invented tools and machines that facilitated a job they had to do. During the
time of the Early Americas, there were many popular inventions of technology
like the cotton gin, the telegraph, the railroads, and many more. All these
popular inventions led to a task being facilitated. In addition to that, many
times society and the economy were largely impacted. Ever since middle school,
we are taught that one of the most important technological advances was the
cotton gin. The cotton gin not only affected the people that worked in
factories, but it also affected the economy in a great way. The infamous cotton
gin was invented in 1793 by Eli Whitney. The purpose of this machine was to
pick cotton at a much faster rate than by hand. In addition, it facilitated the
process of separating the cotton from the seed which led to much more
production of cotton than before. Since the invention of the cotton gin, the amount of cotton produced doubled
each decade after the1800s. The cotton gin impacted the South more because it
brought consequences. Because of the high demand for cotton, southerners began
to rely on this cash crop. The desperate farmers planted cotton more and more
which resulted in unhealthy soil. This forced farmers to travel west in search
for better land. Because the cotton gin was basically doing the slaves job you
would think slavery decreased in the south. Unfortunately, that was not the
case, and slavery had a major increase.  It
was not until President Abraham Lincoln that slavery was abolished. Another
very famous technological invention during the times of Early America was the
electric telegraph. The electrical telegraph was a completely new way of
communication using telecommunication lines or radios. The electric telegraph
system was invented by Samuel Morse in 1837. This machine gave Americans the
opportunity to send and receive messages at a much faster and easier way than
before. The invention of the telegraph made the world a smaller place in the
sense that it helped send information across the country faster than any other
form of communication they had before. Before the invention, information had to
be sent by horses, boats, trains, and any other transportation. This poor way
of communication resulted to be very ineffective for a lot of train stations.
If a locomotive had to abort a departure, the communication which was usually
by horses, would take a long time.  The
telegraph largely impacted locomotives because after its invention, the train
station was more effective in knowing exactly when the trains would depart.
This made the process of the train station much smoother. It resulted in more
departures and less waiting time for the people boarding. The government also
used the invention of the telegraph for military purposes too. The government
used this to send information and secret messages to other cities such as a
capital during wars. Furthermore, it was used a lot in ships that would go
overseas, but this was only used after the invention of radios. The telegraph
was a machine that changed and improved overtime.  Lastly, the steam engine had a great impact
and was considered to be very efficient at the time. The famous steam engine
was invented by James Watt in 1781. A stream engine is a machine that uses heat
to preform mechanical work. It uses thermodynamic energy to power itself. The
steam engine was so important because steam power was one of the most important
and key aspects of the Industrial Revolution. The invention of the steam engine
impacted society in the way that the rivers provided the power for the
factories. Once the steam engine was invented, factories could locate anywhere.
They no longer had to be near rivers. A second impact of the steam engine on
the industrial revolution was the impact it had on transportation. Because of
the invention of the steam engine c steam powered locomotives were also invented.
In conclusion, there were many more inventions during the Early Americas that
improved the way of living people had. From small simple inventions like a
sewing machine to guns and weaponry, all these new forms of technology helped
influence the America we are today. The inventions mentioned help define the nation’s
rise as one of the most technologically and scientifically advanced nations in
the world. The accessibility of land and labor, the republican or democratic
form of government, and the diversity of climate and all subsidized to the
nation’s fast industrial development.

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