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Over100 million animals die due to animal testing in laboratories each year, over 4million experiments have been overseen on animals in 2015 alone. Personally, Ithink that scientists should not test products on animals because just likehumans animals experience pain too. There are also alternatives to animaltesting so I see no reason that makes it necessary.Manyanimals are already endangered or extinct and now many others are being killedfor testing purposes. While many people think that if an animal were to lose alife it could prevent a human from losing theirs, they are forgetting thatanimals feel pain too. Rats are one of the most commonly used animals inexperiments; they are highly intelligent and social as well.

When tickled, theymake little chirping sounds, similar to human laughter. This goes to show howanimals have feelings us humans. Inaddition to the fact that animals feel just like we do, why is it okay for themto be living a lonely life in laboratory away from their natural habitat. Thesafest place for an animal is where its habitat is, and when an animal isliving a life in a cage, alone, constantly subjected to terrifying and painfulexperiments it can be quite brutal, even for an animal. Animaltesting remains an option even though it is bad science. Results taken fromanimal experiments are hard to apply on humans because humans and animals aredifferent in several aspects that affect whether the product/drug will work ona human if they did on animal. Besides the facts, there have been many drugstested on animals that have failed in humans. It costs nearly $2 billion to geta drug/product on the market mainly because of the inaccuracy of animal testresults during human trials.

Ilike to believe that there is always more than one way to do something, andanimal testing cases are no exception. There are many alternatives to animaltesting but these are only a few of them. One of them is called”organs-on-chips”; it contains human cells grown to mimic the structure of ahuman’s organs system. The chips can be used test products instead of animalsand can guarantee results that are more accurate. Another method is alsocomputer modeling which has been developed to simulate human biology and thehuman body’s reaction to diseases. Unlike animal testing, results from thesemodels can accurately predict how the human body system will react to newdrugs.Aspreviously mentioned, animal testing provides inaccurate results when tested onhumans, therefor many lifesaving medications and drugs can be rejected becauseof their results on animals.

For example, if a drug showed poor results on ananimal it could actual be quite efficient and could save a life when it comesto humans. This inaccuracy can also lead scientists to believe that some drugsare safe for humans even though they are not. One of the most tragic failuresoccurred in the 50s and 60s when thalidomide was used to treat morningsickness. This later resulted in over 10,000 babies that are born withheartbreaking defects. Animaltesting shoe be illegal a banned from laboratories, once this happens animalswill be free of cruel treatment.

This will also possibly open up our world tonew cures and treatments that science thought impossible before.

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