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 Our bodyhas its own natural rhythm, just as our earth has its rhythms of day and night,tides or the seasons. Our bodycycle is based on three very important functions for maintaining life. Althoughthese three functions are continuously going on in the body, a particularfunction is more intense during a certain time of the day.

They work inapproximately eight hour cycles. Noon to8:00 pm:  Appropriation/Digestion The time toeat, so that the body can most efficiently break it down into nutrients. 8:00 pm to4:00 am: Assimilation/Absorption The timewhen the body is doing all its building and repair work. All the nutrients ithas received during the day, are now used to make new cells and tissues. Thisis the time to rest or sleep, (and certainly not eat!) since the body is hardat work anyway! 4:00 am to12:00 noon: Elimination The timewhen the body is getting rid of all its waste products and debris. All that thebody cannot utilize is thrown out at this time.

This is also why when we get upwe often rush to the toilet, or have to clean our mouth and face to get fresh. Living andeating (or not eating) according to these eight hour cycles, is a key method totune in to the natural harmonious rhythm of the body. The secretof losing weight, feeling more energetic, getting rid of illness, and satyingfit in the long run, lies in following this eight hour cycle of the body. For moreinformation read ‘fit for life’ by Harvey and Marilyn diamond.  

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