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Our future technology does not exist today because all the time spent to make our technology become a reality would take many decades. If flying cars were to exist without any new highways compatible it would just not add up. New highs all over the world would have to do construction would be very expensive. Hundreds and billions of dollars would be around the price of building all these highways and roads. Many more jobs for construction would be needed, the government would need to tax the people a lot more than they are. All the original cars which  mostly run off gasoline will be replaced. Since the entire environment is making a large change, the product is going to be pricey. Many people will not be able to afford new vehicles after their recent vehicles are not compatible for the new road. Businesses will not make as much money as were recently. Car manufacturers are going to have to go with the change and stop it because global warming is getting even worse than it is by the second every time you turn on your car. Flying cars certainly do not exist for this certain reason. We also don’t have many materials cars can built of. We are just left with metal. A.I. is still improving as the years pass by. We have self driving cars that use sensors and automatic brakes. However these are basically prototypes. Sensors may malfunction and may not catch things. If A.I. keeps improving and sensors have better sensing, automatic brakes could save millions. E) Design Process The design process for the future car will definitely need the best of the best of engineers. Google is already working on self driving cars which could prevent accidents from occurring. The design process will start with the question, how are we going to make a car that could float for the better of the environment? Since this question is now being asked for my group to answer. Our response, cars should run off of oxygen specifically air. Since the car is going to be floating,the car will have to be consuming air at all times. The car will always be floating but it is also going to benefit the earth by having a filter inside the vehicle. The vehicle will be taking in polluted air and turn it back into non-polluted air. The vehicle will not always be running off polluted air, it could also be running off of non-polluted air. This design is better than the current design because vehicles today are not doing what my future design is doing, it is doing the total opposite. The current vehicle is not running off of air, it is running off of a non renewable resources, gasoline. The current vehicle is also populating the air. I have a large feeling that the environment will not be safe without any greenhouse gasses. Greenhouse gases could be for the pros and for the cons. Without greenhouse gasses, oxygen levels may be lower than before. With greenhouse gasses, gasses will be causing global warming.F.) ConsequencesThe consequences of the future vehicles will cost companies and factories to shut down. Landfills are going to over fill because cars are going to have cars replaced. Many people are going to have to buy new cars while the unfortunate who used to have recent vehicles can’t afford the future vehicles. New roads are going to have to be built and for the United States putting them more in depth in their debt than they already are. This may cause a war or America may lose an important trading partner, China. The dept has already reached a trillion plus and with new vehicles and roads it will be in the hundred trillions. China will think enough is enough and finally start warning them until time is done and a war will start between America and China. America will then begin to attack sending nuclears left and right. Many allies of the Americans will then begin to switch on them and America will become independent without any allies. If America does not lose any allies and actually gains allies since countries believe in second chances and America still has a year, China will surely give the United States another chance without any problems. It could go one way or the other and if it goes down the wrong way, the United states will go down putting every business in a corrupt situation. The pollution rate can increase with the use of all these machines. Factories will have more work to do, maybe injuring the workers and hurting the environment. With this much advanced technology, workers could be replaced by robots, hurting many lives.

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