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Our major characteristics as human beings are our abilities to think and communicate.We are always looking for different ways to convey our thoughts and to establish better relationships with people. However, humans haven’t always had the sophisticated communication systems that we do today.The necessity to communicate with others can be traced to the Prehistoric era. The evolution of written and visual language has its roots in the pictograms found in the Lascaux caves, and the illuminated manuscript of the Roman Empire.For centuries, philosophers and other scientists have thought about the origins of language, with its extraordinarily complex structure and multitude of functions formulating a variety of different theories. Only a few of these theories have survived the time.Johann Gottfried claims that language is a human creation. Humans’ first words were the origin of consciousness. The phonological forms of these words were primarily close to the sounds of objects they denominated, they were onomatopoetic. A prehistoric human could have communicated using gurgle to alert others to the presence of water or swoosh and whack to recount what happened on a hunt and with the help of hand gestures the began to communicate. This provided an evolutionary advantage. Humans who could communicate by sound were able to cooperate, share information, make better tools, or warn others of danger, which led them to have more offspring who were also more predisposed to communicate (Poe, 2011). This eventually led to the development of a “Talking Culture” during the “Talking Era.” Which has become a core component of our lifestyle today.Chimpanzees, our closest living relatives have been taught to sign words like food and baby, but their ability to use symbols doesn’t extend to the same level of abstraction as ours. They fail, to produce speech sounds themselves, to acquire the many thousands of words, and to grasp the use of even the most basic rules of grammar (Terrace, 1979). Human infants, in contrast, acquire their native language rapidly. They produce speech sounds and comprehend simple words before the age of 1, produce their first words soon after their first birthday. (Tomasello & Bates, 2001).Speech, comes to us almostPJ2  naturally, and we forget that it is an immensely powerful tool in the creation and development of social constructs. In a way, the entire course of any social paradigm or situation, can be largely attributed to verbal exchanges. Be it something as superficial as animosity between two colleagues in the workplace, or something as profound as the enemity between two religious sects; the singular driving cause can be attributed to the spoken word.

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