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leadership is one of the most effective to improve the communication, creative and
critical thinking technique. Organization leadership not only use to develop good
management skill it is more than this because a good leader leads the team to
achieve the objective of the organization. Nowadays the administrative trends
have been change and one of the new concepts are transformation and
transactional leadership. Now organization are chaining very quickly and they also
have to survive in the market and for all these thing organization need a good
leadership which will lead the team to achieve the objectives.


The leadership style has direct link with
the organization culture because these two factor play a very important role in
organization development and performance of the organization. Now organization
are adopting modern administrative technique to lead the organization rather
than using the old methods of administration.

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Cameron and Quinn (2006) asserted that
there is a need for leaders to constantly evaluate their strategic position and
align the organization’s overall mission, goals and objectives with a
philosophical purpose for the continued existence of the organization.


Now if any organization want to success in
the market they should have to adopt the appropriate leadership style according
to the culture of the organization because it is very important for any organization
without any appropriate leadership style no any organization can survive.

Transformational leaders always try to
build the confidence in followers and he encourage the followers so they take
interest in self-development. Transformational leader always tries to achieve the
organization objective rather than the temporary interest of the followers.


The results of numerous studies have
shown that there is no one specific style for a successful leadership behavior.
This highlights a pressing need of investigating leadership behaviors in
different situations and positions. Hence this study concerns with the concept
of transformational leadership and its impact on the organizational culture of
people working for cellular communications companies in Pakistan.



1.2       Rationale.


Why is Leadership
Necessary?  To achieve the objective of
the organization no any specific leadership style because different leadership
style is suitable in different situation and different positon according to the
nature of the organization. Following are the reasons for the need of ongoing

Incomplete organizational structure

Some organization are
not well structure so they cannot run their system very well so these type of
organization need a good leader who can take care of all the process of the
organization and use the human resources in good manner to achieve the
organization objective

External change.

The second reason is the
external change nowadays organization environment is chaining rapidly so the
need a good leader who can understand the chaining environment and also take
appropriate action to manage the situation so without a good leader it is not

Internal change.

Organization not only affect from external
change they also have to face the internal challenges  like conflict in different level of employee
and especially in the period of growth and decline. These are the crucial time
for any organization and they need a good leader to solve these issue   

Motivate and inspire.

The fourth reason why
organization need good leadership is that a good leader always inspires the
follower by his works and motivate them to achieve the objective of the organization
so if any organization want to fulfill his objectives then need a good leader
who can manage all the situation and know how to utilize these resources.

1.3       Background

Morrison (2007) argued that contemporary organizations require
individuals with refined leadership skills to inspire others to perform to
their fullest potential. Without effective leaders, it is difficult for
organizations in the private, public and nonprofit sectors to provide
appropriate customer service to the degree that the results are sustainable
performed. Leadership is a universal human phenomenon (Bass,1998) that can be
observed in every aspect of our daily life from old times until the present
time.(Burns, 1978) noted that leadership is difficult of be precisely defined,
but can be measured by means of human activities and can be realized without
being noticed. (Smith, 2000) defined leadership as the process or activity of
influencing an individual or a group in their pursuit to achieve a “good”
goal.(Cartwright & Zander, 1968) defined leadership as the act of helping
group to achieve results to survive and be reinforced. Koontz & O’Donnel,
1972, defined leadership as persuading others to cooperate in achieving a
common goal. These definitions show that leadership takes place in a group
context and includes individuals’ interactions within a group. The leader can
deal with the group’s members through different approaches such as guidance
persuasion and influence. The way a leader behaves does not matter. The
leader’s basic task is the achievement of the group’s goal.

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