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Organization theory refers to the theory of arranging human affairs in some form in social organization activities. The organization is composed of two people, and in order to achieve the common goal, it is compiled in some form. With the increasing complexity of social division of labor, the organizational activities of human society are becoming more and more diverse, such as administrative organization, industrial and commercial organization, cultural education organization, etc. From the perspective of theoretical development, the organization theory of the early 20th century has gone through three stages: traditional organization theory, behavioral science organization theory and system management theory. The traditional theory of organization prevailed in the 20th century for 10 ~ 30 years. The general principles of organization structure and organization management are analyzed emphatically. The research contents mainly include organizational objectives, division of labor, coordination, power relations, responsibilities, organizational efficiency, authorization, management scope and hierarchy, centralization and decentralization. Representative: m. Weber put forward the theory of bureaucracy, and put forward the general management theory h. Farrell put forward the scientific management theory F.W. Taylor. Taylor’s scientific management is mainly applicable to enterprise organization, but its organizational management thought has deeply influenced the research of administrative organization management and administrative theory. In addition, the American scholar l. Urwick and the dissemination of traditional organization and comprehensive theoretical viewpoints and ideas have expanded the influence of traditional organization theory. Organization theory suggests that the development of management thought and the transformation of research methods, research has experienced from the “content” to “people” in the research, development and research methodology to the people and things are normative research to empirical research. The formation and development of organizational theory is the result of human understanding of organization and its activities, so that people can consciously use this theory to effectively manage the organization to adapt to organizational activities. The deficiency of organizational theory lies in the lack of unified conceptual framework and core content. Some scholars have different views on whether organizational theory is a subject.

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