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Organization is a social
unit of human beings that is structured and controlled to meet a need or to
pursue collective goals. All companies have a management shape that determines
relationships between the special sports and the members, and subdivides and
assigns roles, obligations, and authority to perform specific duties.
Corporations are open structures- they affect and are laid low with their
surroundings. To manage the organization policy and procedure manager or
management team play a vital role where many problems come in up and down form.

Human beings are social
animal who work in an organization and are served by the organizations. In
organization many problems will come like conflict, Discrimination, Stress,
leadership problem etc., which are commonly found in any Organization. To run
the organization effectively the rules and regulations must be followed by
everyone there must not be any biasness among any employees which must be
controlled by the Leader or manger.

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behavior is the commentary of man or woman or organization conduct in reaction
to the alternative people or institution as an entire. It studies behavior of
people or organization to recognize their attitude in the direction of
particular occasions. Even as working in an business enterprise, it’s miles very
important to understand others conduct in addition to make others recognize
ours. Which will preserve a wholesome operating environment, we need to adapt
to the environment and understand the dreams we want to attain. Leadership in the place of work is a prime
concern in today’s enterprise community. Unluckily, variations among people
will be inclined to result in misunderstandings, and bring about war and discrimination.

hold the responsibility to teach, increase and offer direction for a group.
Organizational leadership is the character or people set up to manipulate and
feature authority over a selected business, government or business enterprise.
The leadership over an enterprise units the tone of the corporate way of life,
business enterprise expectations and an imaginative and prescient for the
company. Various management issues can get up in organizational management that
could avoid the corporation’s effectiveness and productivity. Figuring out and
addressing the organizational issues is step one in resolving the troubles and
enforcing fantastic exchange.

we are the students of management and we have got some assignment to do which
is to analyze the issues in an organization and understand it through the
theories which we have learnt already in our module. So, considering this I
have choosed one of the renowned Company which has been running since last ten
years and it has been performing financially well but I have found some
management problem in that organization which is occurred due to lack of
management. The main problem/issue found in the organization was no proper
management of Leadership. Though there was a leader who was appointed to do his
job but he was not able to control.


Leaders carry out this process by applying their
leadership knowledge and skills. This is called Process Leadership (Jago, 1982). However,
we know that we have traits that can influence our actions. This is called Trait Leadership (Jago, 1982),
in that it was once common to believe that leaders were born rather than made.
While leadership is learned, the skills and knowledge processed by the leader
can be influenced by his or hers attributes or traits; such as beliefs, values,
ethics, and character. Knowledge and skills contribute directly to the process of leadership, while
the other attributes give the leader certain characteristics that make him or
her unique. Skills, knowledge, and attributes make the Leader which is one of the factors of leadership.

Today’s leader must be familiar to
everyone for example; there is a task which have to be completed within a week
and the group leader have given deadline to their group member that the task
must be completed within this week but their group member were not able to
complete that task within a week this was because of lack of coordination,
rather than giving deadline to their group member if the leader was involved in
doing the same work than it would have been completed within a time period.
Similar case is found in this organization the employers are working in the
organization but they are not satisfied with their leader.

Leadership is a kind of power where one person has the
ability to influence or change the values, beliefs, behaviour and attitudes of
another person (Ganta, Manukonda, 2014).

A person with strong management capacity might be a
very good example or function version to their personnel, due to the fact the
chief who is able to efficiently attain a few correct end result or success
gains the believe an admiration of their personnel, and inadvertently
modifications their values, ideals, behaviour and attitudes, for mimicry is the
sincerest shape of flattery.



Leadership are always
directed by vision and goal. They influence the behaviour of the people who
work in the organization. Leaders must have the art of influencing people after
developing the organizational vision and goal. For example: As a mother give
birth to their child and it is her responsibility to give good learning
behaviour from the beginning so that they will be in a good guideline similarly
in same way a good leadership is also important in an organization to achieve
its target. The good leadership must have the following characteristics;

Common Goals


Process of
Interpersonal Influence

Continuous Process




According to (Jackson and Parry, 2008), Leadership is a
process where leaders use their skills and knowledge to lead and bring a group
of employees in the desired direction that is relevant to their
organizational’s goals and objectives. Additionally an effective leader that has
strong leadership skills should also be in possession of certain
characteristics, such as passion, consistency, trust and vision; for only
leaders who own these characteristics are able to build trust in employees.

Leadership and
management are one–of-a-kind components, control is more just like the
conventional way of coping with 
business, which the proprietor of the business has complete manage of
the corporation, and could single handedly establish a path and direct their
employees to do their paintings in according to the proprietor’s preparation
and plan. However, Leadership is whilst the chief guides their employees
towards the organizational goals, all at the same time is seeking to speak and
motivate their personnel with the intention to make certain their employees are
inside the proper position to use their abilities and commit to their jobs. The
Functions of the Leadership are:

1.      Goal Determination

2.      Organizing Activity

3.      Directing &

4.      Controlling

5.      Communication


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