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Open youreyes and look around.

 We are not passing by geniuses and talents, butordinary people, enough to divide people into talent and mediocrity. In thecircus, acrobats do amazing feats. Are they special? No. It’sall about the time that they spent on your work. Thousands ofhours of training and thousands of hours to watch TV gives a completelydifferent effect in the quality of a person’s life.

 Life itselfdoes not change if we don’t believe in ourselves. We do a couple of steps,stumble and turn back. Here is another sad strategy of losing; we turn backif we see danger.The reverse strategyThere isalways an alternative way to succeed. Look at what the loser is doing anddo the opposite.

 That’s from this and will build on.To begin tobelieve in yourself, you need to know the enemy in the face. And theenemy of self-confidence is an unreasonably invested time. If you teachyour child something complex design, then for him it’s like a dark forest, he don’tunderstand what you are making. And if he tries to make the same design then wewon’t be able to do it. But dayafter day he tries to build something, simple and small. Then complicatedand more complicated, and eventually, after a certain period of time, he beginsto build complex designs. He did it! All the losershave same feeling-I cannot, I cannotdo it;This is toodifficult for me;It’s toolate to do it.

Think theother way around!And mostimportantly, when such thoughts pass through your brain, remind yourself thatat the age of 3, as a child, you talked and built complex design. Winning strategyTo believein yourself you need at least a minimum base of achievements. Ifthere are no achievements or not been for a long time, then it’s time toachieve something.

 To believein yourself, you need at least a minimum base of achievements. If attainment isnot or was not long ago, it’s time to achieve somethingTo believein yourself on the path to results, it is necessary to remember about thestrategy of the loser, the thoughts of a loser, and act the opposite.It may notbring results if you try to do achieve everything overnight. Better every dayto do a little bit to achieve success.If youopened your eyes, you will see that people who have a result – first spent timeon achieving it. This is a kind of fee for the result.

 Quickly and ona freebie, without spending a lot of time, we will get cheap results. 

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