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online services, which set up sties for the newspapers on
their program. (, these sites gave many newspapers national
exposure, few of them gained enough from the efforts to justify their
disadvantageous revenue splits with the online service provider. In the late
’90s, most major newspapers established their own websites without the consumer
online services. This combination of print and Internet paved the way for the
next stage of media convergence.

The internet has converged with television allowing internet
users to watch TV shows and movies streaming online through such websites as
Hulu, Netflix, HboGO, etc. this constant convergence has allowed easier lives
to us users by allowing us to search the web more quickly, efficiently and
conveniently. We have the world wide web on our fingertips. (Internationalstudent)

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The internet has been one of the biggest contributors to the
media convergence phenomenon. It has allowed a vast range of media platforms
such as print, video and audio to become almost instantly accessible from
nearly anywhere and has completely changed the way in which we absorb
information. As mobile internet is becoming increasingly popular, it has
allowed the convergence of anything at all to one handheld device, as mentioned
before. Websites have changed their style of writing to allow quick fast hits
of information by using short, to the point headlines followed up by a summary
of events. This is for the ‘on the go’ audience who want to check updates
instantly and learn what’s going on in the world. News organizations such as
BBC has applied this approach to tell a story with a strong image and a
headline for the ‘on the go’ users. They have also created a live stream of
their channel, so people can watch it on the go, whenever they want.  (

The internet has become a medium for almost everything in
the world. It has opened areas where anyone can produce, upload or share
anything they like in front of a major audience. The term “The American dream”
can be said about the internet itself but instead of being in America, you can
create a life sitting behind a laptop anywhere in the world. All kinds of media
have converged with the internet, all radio stations around the world are
available to listen to live online and in fact many are exclusive broadcasts
over the internet. is a site that allows anyone to upload a video
where anyone can view it and as a result has become one of the biggest examples
of the convergence of media online there is. Almost anything at all can be
accessed through a single website, from music videos, comedy sketches, feature
films and people’s personal reviews of a subject. This has encouraged people to
create their own channels on websites like YouTube,, vimeo. Etc.,
where they create their own content of any genre to be featured by the world.
This has presented people with an endless source of opportunity through the
internet, and is the second most popular site on the internet. Applications
such as Instagram. Flickr and vsco allow people to post images to share with
the world. Instagram is focused on personal as well as global reach of audience
allowing people to share their experiences, spread word or open a business as a
photographer or even an online retailer on their platform. Flickr and vsco are
more focused towards a niche audience mainly consisting of artists allowing
different types of artist a medium to view, learn and interact with one

Media convergence on the internet has lead to increased
access and need to high-speed internet. The users kept increasing over time and
started demanding faster results to their usage. House hold internet usage
increased and had become a necessity to have an internet connection is every
home. Internet access also became a part of places like, coffee shops, cafes
and malls where people tend to spend a lot of time in. almost every coffee
shop, café and mall now give access to a free internet connection or access
upon purchase. (

It has also lead to the digitization of media products and
services. Digitization cuts costs by simplifying production. More content can
be made and distributed by more enterprises and individuals than ever before.
Companies like Amazon and Apple have made people get used to getting products
and services delivered swiftly with a seamless user experience. Customers can
now just log-in and see a real-time report of their consumption.

Convergence is growing, mostly on the internet, taking
control over every aspect of life and work one by one. The constant ability to
be at arms reach of information, media and the web has created an addictive
behavior and it will keep on growing. It has ultimately made life effortless
for the consumer and easier for the producer, resulting in a world where you cannot
live in without the internet.


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