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One of big parts of any sport is diversity and equality. The community has a big responsibility to make the appeal of any sport as broad and as inclusive as possible. So it’s really important that no individual or group of individuals are excluded from any sport. Generally, team performance in both life and business can improve with the addition of unique skill sets. By introducing alternatives and new ideas. These benefits are gained from incorporating diversity into the team, and within sports teams. Diverse sports teams have the opportunity to discover new levels of success, better teamwork and prevent arguments. That being said, too much diversity can sometimes be too much of a good thing. There are many advantages and disadvantages of this. Some are clear and some not so much. One main advantage is an increase in creativity and decrease in groupthink. Groupthink is when people with similar minds rerank the ideas of others who don’t think like them. So maybe James Harden, Trevor Ariza, and Eric Gordon all want the Houston Rockets to shoot threes. Even if they have been having a very low percentage if Chris Paul says let start driving more often. They will dismiss the idea because of it their mentality, which is to shoot threes. Less of this and more creativity can lead to a very great array of options. They can choose whatever fits the team best instead of personal.  Recent studies that analyzed diversity within different sports have provided a variety of results. One study suggests that diversity is nothing but positive, another says too much can be detrimental, and a third shows no correlation between team performance and diversity. Team performance is affected by a multitude of variables including age, race and playing styles. These variables can benefit the team, but an overabundance of differing ages, cultural ethnicities, and playing styles can also hinder performance and make team cohesion a challenge. I think it’s all about championing the winning of sport and showing that sport can be this really important lever for bringing people together. No matter what their sexuality, or whatever their language or ability or belief. Sports teams from leagues such as NBA, NFL, NHL, WNBA, all don’t discriminate and choose the best player for their team. Winning is their main goal and they have no intention of letting someone’s personal traits get in that way.  2. In many high schools, its mandate is to be drug tested if you are on a sports team. I believe that’s what every school should do. Number one, drugs are addictive, these kids have their whole lives ahead of them. Why shouldn’t we be there to make sure their future isn’t messed up because of one mistake which leads to another and another etc. Many kids want to get stronger quickly, but they don’t want to do the hard work. So they insist on taking steroids for example. But why should they be able to take the easy way out of everything? There will be situations in their lifetime when there is no easy way. They’re  going to spend tons of time just looking for a way out when they don’t have one. They won’t be able to reach their full potential, all on the allusion of an easy way. They’re still very young, they do not know as much as adults who have had more experiences. They assume, nothing will happen to them, they’re young so they’ll be fine. They have no idea what they’re affecting their body and mind. Although there are cons. Several studies show that drug testing in schools has no deterrent effect to reduce the abuse of drugs among teenagers. The availability of drugs in schools and other sources has made drug acquisition fast and easy. Another study on drug testing shows no difference in schools that have drug testing and those that do not. Data collected between 1998 and 2001 showed that drug testing against the use of illicit drugs among 76, 000 athletes and students did not have any impact at all. Another huge con is testing false positive, this happens on every drug at least once. There a big chance that you are putting that whole student and athletes life at risk. Drug testing whether mandatory or random has been known for having violent tactics. For instance, in a study taken from the Journal of Drug Education (2005), athletes who were required to take a  drug test before any extracurricular activities were belittled. Not all students get involved into drugs when doing extracurricular activities, drug testing has been perceived as accusatory living up to the notion that anyone who undergoes any kind of sports uses drugs while leaving just the same perception to the people around. School drug testing can be contradictory to the belief of some students. Aside that random drug testing is done unannounced; it becomes a disturbing surprise causing many other students to leave more important tasks and meetings. Understanding this can build up anger which can lead someone to do terrible things. Imply positive results of drug testing can lead to further searches in the accused subject even though, it may be not that important at all. Some students get positive drug test even though they are not using drugs at all. For instance, by using the instant drug testing kits, they become positive with marijuana from inhaling secondary smoke from going out with classmates who have been smoking.

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