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One day in rosewood there was a creepy man named Timmy Turner. Timmy was psycho who sends people crazy letters in the mail. Timmy was a janitor at a school called rosewood high. He did not have a phone and he only used the computer from the school. Timmy sometimes used nonverbal communication to communicate with his friend freddy krueger. His friend freddy sometimes helped him hunt down his victims they found on the internet and on social media. A way he would rail in his victims was by using emotional appeal. He would pretend to be homeless or hurt for his victims to feel bad for him. One time a man named spongebob took him to his house because he felt bad for him. Timmy stayed one night then the next morning he thanked spongebob and left. A couple of days timmy placed a letter in spongebobs mail box he did that to make sure the receiver got the message. The letter said “i’m going to kill you”. But spongebob had no clue who the letter was from so like most people would do he threw the letter away thinking it was his best friend patrick trying to play a trick on him. The next day at school timmy and freddy were in the restroom cleaning. Timmy told freddy about the plan to execute spongebob and with Timmy’s interpersonal skills he ended up convincing freddy to help him execute spongebob. They plan for it to be on a weekend at 12:00am. Communication was very hard since timmy didn’t have a phone so he just used a pay phone. That day they plan to meet across the street from spongebobs house. At 12:00 they went to spongebobs house and got in through the bathroom window. They managed to successfully execute spongebob. They drew a star symbol all around the house. A couple of days later freddy and timmy were watching the news for some feedback on their murder. A few minutes later a commercial came on that produced a appeal for a jewelry set. A few days later freddy bought that jewelry set for his wife. Timmy motivated freddy to give it to his wife so he did and she loved it. After  weeks of the cops working on the investigation the detectives finally figured out timmy and freddy murdered spongebob and they got 30 years in prison.

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