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One of the Best Compliment by Israeli PM to Narendra Modi:
You are a Revolutionary Leader” Says

Netanyahu is the very first Israeli Prime Minister in 15 years to come to India. and the visit was really positive for Indian
Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Mr. Netanyaho lauded his Indian counterpart Modi
as a revolutionary leader. Israeli PM Netanyahu’s browse through to India was
expected to focus on economic concerns, and as per their plan a long discussion
was there on Monday. A number of topics has been discussed thoroughly
India-Israel PMs have signed nine agreements, including in the areas of cyber
security, oil, gas and many more. A protocol between India and Israel on amendments
to the air transport agreement was also signed.

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to the report it was expected to focus extra on economical and technological
growth. It stated “Like Modi’s see to Israel last July, this trip will
certainly focus extra on economic and also technological participation and growth
compared to on regional problems,” the Jerusalem Blog post stated as the
Netanyahu came to be the initial Israeli Prime Minister to go to New Delhi
after 2003. The mutual browse through highlighted “the toughness of the
connection in between both nations”, the Article also claimed. The daily
claimed this did not mean that geopolitical problems would not be discussed.

Minister Modi reciprocated Netanyahu’s compliments and heaped fulsome praise on
‘Bibi’ for his generous affection. The public of Israel called their PM ‘Bibi’.
Narendra Modi also talked about his own reputation of being impatient in
getting results and then revealed an open secret about his friend, Israeli PM ‘Bibi’.

Later in that day, the sentiment was iterated
more strongly at the India-Israel business summit and it saw the digital launch
of the ‘I4Fund call for a proposal website’ for a few joint research and
development tasks and projects. Narendra Modi said “I welcome Israeli business
companies to come to India and take advantage of the liberal FDI in India
regarding defense sector”.  

leaders also announced that they had a wide range of discussions and signed a
lot of cooperation deals in cutting edge areas in agriculture, science and
technology. Defense and security was also the centre of their discussion. Mr. ‘Bibi’ said both India and Israel are proud
of their resilient democracies. And the safety of their citizens is paramount
so they can continue to “say, do and believe whatever they want”.



leaving for India, Netanyahu claimed “We are enhancing the link between
Israel and also this essential global power. This will certainly fascinate our
protection, financial, profession, and tourism, along with other locations.
This is a wonderful blessing for the State of Israel,” he included.

should really appreciate PM Modi’s effort for trying to collaborate with
foreign countries as much as possible, regarding economic development of our
country. Now, let’s observe and expect for the best.





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