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One thing is for sure,
technology is the motor of the 21st century. Nowadays especially students have
become addicted to it, mostly of social media and video games, and not so much using
it for education. As of right now, everyone with an internet connection can
shop online with the help of a phone or laptop, socialize or learn about the
world. So it’s impossible that phones don’t participate in classrooms.

From other’s experience, you
can notice a couple things. Friends and colleagues that have no idea that a
literary work can be found online with great references, essays and explanation
to the very core of the work itself. They say that technology is more important
to use in other thing such as social media and movies. Teachers however found
out that by using it for an educational purpose, they were able to provide
better feedback, grades and to intrigue students because it’s more attractive
when you have something visual in front of you and not old pages from a book
with words and words and words.

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Teachers know their work
and lessons and must find a way to incorporate it into classes by using
technology properly. Yet it’s not that simple. Children are familiar to the use
of technology before turning 6 and teachers aren’t so familiar with it mainly
the ones that have been in the educational system for more than 20 years.

If you wish to do a study
between the perception of the pupils and the teachers you will be surprise to
find that there are many similarities and not so many when it comes to
perception of it.

David Warlick said that:”We
need technology in every classroom and in every student and teacher’s hand, because
it is the pen and paper of our time and it is the lens through which we
experience much of our world. ”1

Age is a huge factor for a
teacher’s perception upon technology. A novice one will put it as a primary
factor while a more experienced one will put it as a secondary factor for
teaching and for the students to learn effectively their subjects.

There is also a fine line when
it comes to research online. A student can be tempted not to read any more
books because it’s so much easy just to surface online for the specific topic.
As an example the classic reading novel. If a pupil has an assignment to read a
novel for class he thinks it’s so much easier to find online the main idea and
that is it.

One benefit of the technology
in classes is that it helps you understand better when learning a foreign
language, especially your accent and pronunciation with the help of audio
material. Many countries have possibilities to offer students opportunities to
learn and provide access to wide and vast information when it comes to

”Meaningful technology use can support
positive teaching and learning outcomes that include effective instruction,
support for authentic learning, increased student learning, and alterations in
teacher pedagogy.” 2

Still countries like
Malaysia for example or poor African ones don’t have such great opportunities
to learn and to be educated. Education is an important piece of our formation
as humans in life and language is the base for everything.

A teacher must introduce
technology properly into his way of teaching in classroom and has to do it by
taking into consideration the level of the student and his knowledge.

Nowadays it’s much easier
to learn with the help of technology. Also it is important that the teacher motivates
you to continue the survey at home and have an independent session of learning.

(…)English teachers must balance the
multiple challenges of using technology in the classroom, from the simple act
of turning on a computer to troubleshooting problems with software. Teachers
must manage limited access, poor or non-existent technical support, out-of-date
infrastructure, and few resources for implementing technologies into the
curriculum. Even the desire to incorporate technology into instruction may be problematic,
since time is limited time to learn about and become proficient with different

Before attempting to use a
method that involves technology, a teacher must do a full research by itself
because it’s hard to know and to figure out which websites are best, pictures,
word- crossing, quotes, essays, models and examples to apply on exercises, etc.

Building the authentic
global online teaching and learning communities requires careful and thoughtful
curriculum development as well as continuous technical and material support
from the organization as well as the Education Ministry (Klein, 2010).4

In today’s society,
everything has moved to technology. People are so dependant of it that it is
very possible that many may not survive without it. Who can imagine a life
without phones, internet or electricity?

But probably so much
reliable on technology may cause people to become dull and less affective. The
face-to-face interaction is more online than in real life. Online a student can
create a whole life of its own and may fail to interact on a group task in
class. The reason? They use it to type and search information that is available
just one click away. In a group at school, you get a task and you must use your
knowledge, books, and must listen to your colleagues’ opinion and attempting to
figure out which is the best solution and answer.

to Xu (2010), multimedia technology’s role in teaching and learning is only to
assist, rather than entirely taking over the teaching process that can be seen
in many situations where teachers put too much emphasis on the virtual
courseware rather than the actual real-life teaching.

Even for teachers that
aren’t very familiar to the use of technology, here’s a list of 12 ways to
incorporate it into their teaching:

Do a PowerPoint “Game
Show Review”;

Have students complete a
written classroom activity as if it was online;

Try a Webquest;

Use technology as a topic
for a writing assignment;

Create a class webpage;

Use an online grading

Do an email exchange;

Give multimedia
presentations – or have your students give them;

Supplement your lessons;

Create a class blog or

Listen to – or create – a

“Publish” your students’

Books are now the outcast,
while technology is replacing them slowly, but surely. It is important that
teachers keep a line between these two.

eBooks on course to outsell printed editions in the UK by 2018 much has been
written about the subject of technology in terms of readers, but it’s often
overlooked that new tech does more than give writers a different cut of cloth
to scribble on. Writing with electronic devices has affected structure,
research and editing. It has affected order and it has affected rhythm, from
the tap-tap-swipe of a typewriter to the swipe-swipe-tap of tablet.5

Still the smell of old
books in a library or the way you turn the pages, marking down every single
note doesn’t even compare to the technology methods of finding information.

But more and more students
are rushing in life and say they haven’t gone the time to spend reading a
300-500 pages novels when it’s so much easier to search the plot online and
saves a lot of time which is sad. Since ancient times, people used papyrus and
pages to write history. 

only half of the students felt confident or very confident in using word
processing, editing a digital photo, saving files, creating a presentation,
participating in a blog, installing software, or keeping files organized. More than
50% felt confident in their ability to use the internet safely, respect the
privacy and reputation of others, and in their ability to judge the accuracy of
information found on the internet. Almost 50% commented that they had been
victims of cyber bullying and 20% commented that they had participated in cyber
bullying. 6
This study took place at ”Integration of Information And Communication
Technology In A Northern Ontario First Nation Community High School.”

Finally, the existence of
technology has its place in our daily basic. Using it as a method of studying
in schools has a big influence and use. It comes with benefits by easing a
student and his learning and a teacher can obtain a better feedback, grades and
also helps catch the attention of the pupils while the message can be easily

With benefits come the not
so positive ones because in the era of technologies, most of society has chosen
to hide behind a profile and computer and maybe not have the courage to have a
conversation face to face.

In the end, technology
must be learned in schools effectively and great care must take place because
we will face the fact that books and notebooks may be forgotten since nowadays
in the ”motor of the 21st century”, technology is the new hit that rocks.
Maybe it’s best for society to keep separated these two but focusing more on
the old books since gives more opportunity for our mind to imagine a world just
like we want it to be.

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