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One million. That’s a huge number. That is the number of people that the World Health Organization (WHO) estimate take their life each year , to put that into perspective that is one death every 40 seconds. By the time you boil the kettle and make a cup of tea, 6 people died due to suicide and that’s expected to double by the year 2020. The reason for suicide in young people varies but some contributing factors may be: failure, bereavement, rejection, bankruptcy, unemployment, abuse… a real endless list of potentials. Many times, these are things which just trigger the compulsion of suicide. Things that may seem trivial to some may affect others in a completely irreversible way.The numbers have increased dramatically over the past centaury and it’s becoming a huge global problem. People are ending their lives before it has even started and it seems that not many people care. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among 15– 29-year-olds. We say that we care that that it’s ‘horrible’ and ‘must be changed’ but these figures have been rising for a long time and there is not enough in place to prevent it. We don’t actively put ourselves in the public eye and say, “I’m against suicide, I’m going to raise money to fund research into the prevention”. We say this about AIDS, cancer, diabetes and many other diseases, why not about suicide and depression considering it is estimated that depression effects more people directly overall than all these diseases combined?We can never fathom the depths of the mental states of those who make the decision to kill themselves. The unimaginable desperation, hopelessness and sheer despair. We have learned a large amount about the experience of suicide from victim’s notes, diaries and interviews with people who have survived suicide attempts. We have great quantities of compelling evidence from many studies that the biggest factor when it comes to suicide is their psychological state of mind: a huge amount of all people who kill themselves suffer from a major psychiatric or addictive illness. Those who suffer from other issues sociologically, for example, those affected by the grasps of poverty, the isolation of prison or the unwavering clutch of drug abuse are also highly at risk as it may create a pressuring feeling that they are stuck and alone. Why can’t we identify and further help people in desperate situations?Personally, I have experienced suicide. Some of my close friends, and even I, have thought about or even attempted it. How can someone such as myself leading a life with limitless potential, outstandingly supportive friends, family and teachers alike around me consider something so harrowing? It’s a horrifying experience to everyone associated with the person, whether the person thinks people care, they do. No one on this beautiful planet is ever truly alone, there’s always someone who cares, maybe they don’t show it, actually, most of the time we don’t. No one knows the signs because there aren’t a specific set of symptoms to look for and instantly respond to which is an extremely worrying thought. Very few people on this planet decide to make someone’s day on a whim. Instead, we hate, bully and oppress. We have ‘banter’ and joke harshly, we push and shove until someone reaches thier breaking point. Why don’t we look signs in those close to us? Why do we constantly feel the need to push the limits that are clearly defined?Societal norms force us into categories, it forces everyone to conform to be ‘normal’ in order to succeed, but that creates further categories. What one person may find to be normal may be completely odd to someone else. Some people may share opinions however many won’t. Those who do not rebel and in fact conform to every norm possible become the ‘popular’ ones. This can have soul-crushing effects and may cause those who are not in these groups to have feelings of disappointment and rejection. We know young people don’t deal with well and those who are in the ‘popular’ groups to feel pressured into continuing to fear rebellion and continue to conform. Young women in particular fall victim to constantly being scrutinized for ‘not being good enough’, this is show by the fact that in the UK female suicides are at their highest in a decade . Why do we continue to pressure young generations into typical social patterns? Why does it take the end of so many lives for even a small group of people to realize how big an issue this is?Why don’t we look for signs? It’s because we don’t know them, we are not educated enough on suicide. Get to know the signs, push yourself to become educated. Just educating yourself could save one… two… countless lives. The human race constantly push the limits just to say that we did. We constantly push people to extremes, we apparently feel better when we put others down, when we make others smaller it makes us feel bigger when in reality it just puts us on different levels, the victim and the perpetrator. We are a hugely ignorant race, we think is something doesn’t affect us personally we don’t need to take action. But we’re wrong, we do need to change, we need to step up and prevent this in the future.In conclusion, suicide needs to be stopped, helped, or even recognized. We can’t just sit by as a species and let our own die. So, smile, hug or be a friend when no one else will be. Don’t neglect nor put people down, empathies, learn and grow together. Share pressure, rebel against the norms and revolutionize. Imagine someone close to you having feelings of suicide, may it be your significant other, family member, best friend. It’s scary isn’t it? Do what you know is the right thing to do. Be the light in the darkness. Tell them they’re not alone. Make sure your friendships don’t die out and make sure people know they are worth it. Always consider how people may feel and let that affect your actions.

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