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One set of Esperanza’s role models can be found on page 31-32.This chapter is called “Alicia Who Sees Mice.” This chapter is about a courageous woman who wasn’t always as courageous as she may seem.At one point of time when Alicia was a little girl she was afraid of mice. Her father had told her that it was only her imagination and that her mind was playing tricks on her causing her to see these “creatures”. “The ones her father says do not exist.” This teaches Esperanza that she can’t allow her fears to control her.Another part of the book with one of Esperanza’s female role models is in Chapter 32 “Rafaela Who Drinks Coconut and Papaya Juice on Tuesday”.This chapter mainly focuses on a woman named Rafaela and her husband.The chapter mentions Rafaela that she is locked inside her house house solely because her husband is will runaway since she is too beautiful to be seen.” This is basically a showing how possessive her husband in form of way that says women are only good for cleaning the house and other housework. It also shows that the situation of her running away has happened once before but resulted in failure.In Esperanza’s point of view at the time the situation didn’t seem that serious to her.In other words her information on the subject was very limited therefore preventing her to learn much from it and tell the difference between a good relationship and a bad one.A third female role model she has is her mother.In the chapter “A Smart Cookie” is one of the main parts of the story in which she shows qualities of a good role model.During this chapter she gives Esperanza some advice.She tells Esperanza that she must see the importance of her education.To give Esperanza a better example she uses herself as a demonstration .Due to family matters that needed her attention she wasn’t able to fully focus on her studies.While telling Esperanza her about mistakes in life and their after effects she’s basically telling her daughter to not do the same thing in the future or at least do better than she did.She tells Esperanza study hard and stay focused.She says this so that Esperanza won’t struggle in the future.The advice her mother was very important.At the time women weren’t as free to walk around as they pleased as they did back then.Knowing how their ability to be free to walk around as they pleased was limited she tries to prepare her for the future as best as she could.In conclusion,Esperanza is surrounded by many people who care for her who are willing to help her.Not only do those people include her family,but it also includes her friends and anybody else she’s close too.Though she is too young she is very observant on the things that take place around her as well as the races and characteristics of those people while also considering her own.Therefore with the help of her role models and the other people she interacts with she’s able to learn how they succeed in life while at the same time experience what things she can do  to help her succeed in life as well.

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