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Once upon a time was the Wraith King….. He was a Powerful and Mighty phantom He wore a black cloak, his face was a shadow and his skeletal bones poked out of his robes. Chains were over his wrists, he was nine feet tall and though he was the most powerful phantom he was a humble one.      This is what a pixar artist would hear, and be given. A description was the first part of the long character design process which includes a storyboard, the end of the process and finally the animation.The start of the process is when the script and description is given to the artist, it is commonly misconcepted that when you do the character design process, you can just start drawing but really, you need to have a description.When I drew the character design of the Wraith King, my friend had to narrate what he imagined the wraith king to be, and what he looked like, and his personality which all modeled the first part of the process. I wrote everything down on a paper, and started drawing, modeling the second part of the process.All artists have to know what to exaggerate in a character to bring out the personality of his or her character. Speaking of the end, according to pixar “An artist typically does hundreds, sometimes thousands, of sketches before they are satisfied with the design of their character.”Even if he or she thinks they have the final product they should question every line or curve to make sure they got their personality on the outside, every line and curve alters how the character conveys personality and when artists get the description they should question every dot or crosshatch.    When it is approved the script needs to be approved and then….. Dan dan dan! The storyboard!The storyboard is when someone hands the script to a storyboard artist and thenHe or she will then draw every few seconds of the script and pin the hundreds or thousands of pictures on a board. The directors will then schedule a date for the artist to pitch the idea to them.Pitching means that he or she will go to each character and narrate what is happening in that scene.If it is approved then it will go on to animators.Animation means “to give life to” and that is exactly what animators do. They give life to the characters that they create. Animators have to study anatomy to know how to move their characters around exactly like in real life, and to show the personality of the character. Whether they walk straight and proud or nobley with a lifted chin.They have to do tons of tests of moving characters and also have to look at live animals to see how they move in real life. Then finally they touch up  and after that, they are done with the animation.The last thing is to find the best voice for the character, they have to find the right actor, do auditions and then, wala! In a few months the movie will be out!!Thanks for watching have a good one!

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