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On 2017/12/20, I went to Seongnam Art Center to write my exhibition. Art exhibition artist was Marie Laurencin. When I first time saw her art drawing, I thought ‘how she become an artist?’ Really it was not good as I was expecting. On brochure of this exhibition, it said, she made ‘chanel’ and ‘helped, the great artist Picasso. Anyone will feel, like me when they first see the artwork of her’s. Her life was separated to 8 era, it was: (1)Invitation to Belle Epoque, (2)youth age, (3)an eternal age, (4)the age of asylum, (5)the Age of Frenzy, (6)collaboration, (7)age of maturity, (8)Le Carnet Du Nuit. However, Marie’s art had a strong point, like she only drew woman and girl, use only paint and etc. I really liked how she expressed her feeling during her 8 eras. Her drawing made me think of renaissance, it’s was new gave me new mind of the exhibition. You can still be an artist even if you are bad at drawing, art is something that you can express. I was able to see changes clearly by the time pass. For example, when Marie broke up with fiance, she usually draws pictures with white and black.As matter of fact, I choose drawing call “Three young women.” It was so hard to choose drawings, but I was able to take a picture of this, so I decide to choose this. This picture is from around 1920th when many pictures were colored by bright color and happy mood. When I first saw this drawing, I felt really relaxed, because three women looked very relaxed. I think three women are working on their hobbies. One woman is playing a string instrument and another woman is reading her book. Marie used only paint on her drawing. The line was clear even she drew with only paint. Her color was usually warm colors, so the mood of this drawing was bright and happy. Also, I find out her drawing so detailed, that she drew very delicate shading and she did the very good job on the use of color value. As mentioned, this artwork influenced me, that art is not all about how good you are, doing art is expressing your feeling on a piece of paper. The reason, why I felt like this, is, that the mood of her drawing was very sad, but as time pass, her mood of drawing got brighter. So I thought her drawing was from her feelings, not from hand. “Three young women” gave me lot of thoughts, like ‘she was high tension when she was drawing this picture?’, ‘what is this picture exactly means?’ In conclusion, ‘three young women was very inspiring and interesting artwork. The most variable lesson that I learned is, expressing feeling is the most important thing in the art.

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