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On this very day I, Martin Luther King Jr. would like to speak from this subject called, “The Negro and the American Dream.” It’s the dream of a land where men and women of all races, colors and faith will live together as brothers and sisters. The substance of the dream is expressed in these magnificent words: “We hold these truths to be clear, that all men and women is equal, that they are blessed by their maker which is god, with a certain rights, and the liberty into the pursuit of happiness.” (pause 2 seconds)But ever since the founding fathers of our nation dreamed this dream, America displayed a crazy personality of their nature and race. We must not use our oppression or suffering as an excuse for normality. History has proven that inner resolution can often break through the outer shackles in this situation. One of the most significant steps that the Negro can take at this time to walk to the voting booth. Even where the polls are open to all Negroes have shown themselves their voting privileges. (pause 2 second)We must be willing to risk our life and family to achieve our freedom. Our freedom will never be handed out like a slice of cake, nothing in life like, freedom is free . It is always purchased with the high price of sacrifice. We must be sure that our struggle is manage by discipline. Our plan must not to start with violence, United States has large body of students spread and struggles all over in pursuit of a goals to have human dignity and freedom. I am convinced that future students of history will have their right to be Free from slavery.Growing up in Atlanta, Georgia, I entered into public school at age 5. In May, 1936 I was baptized, but the event made a little feeling inside of me. In May, 1941, I was 12 years old when is grandmother, Jennie, died From her heart attack. The event was shocking for me, more so because I was out watching a parade against my parent’s wishes when she died. I upset about the news, I jumped from a second story window at my family’s home, I attempting to do suicide.

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