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On May 21, 2014, Matt Cutts (Director of Google’s anti-spam department) announced what many webmaster experts and SEO analysts were waiting for: a series of changes and updates to Google’s algorithm.In this case, the update has fallen on the now famous Google Panda, with its version 4.0. During the first two years with Google Panda, updates occurred almost every month, until March 2013, it was announced that the following changes would occur directly in the algorithm, and would, therefore, be more discrete, without notifications from Google.On this occasion, the new update of the Panda 4.

0 algorithm has been announced, but nevertheless, it is complemented by an announcement that no major changes will be made, but this update will lay the foundations for future updates of the algorithm.The update of Google Panda 4.0. It will refine the search results of the queries, favoring the visibility of those spaces that have good quality content, and worsening the effects to those areas with low-quality content, duplicate contents or excessive advertising.At the moment, the changes have not had a major impact on the search results of our country, but in the future, the havoc for the Spanish market may begin to be noticed. This update can be translated and observed with the following consequences:•    The decrease in positioning and, consequently, visits a website with low-quality content.

•    Increase in positions in the search engine for pages that, after being penalized in the past by Google, have solved the problem by improving the quality of its content.•    The rest of the pages, which will not notice any change in the search engine, since they are in a good or medium position according to the sector’s competence, and their content is of good quality.Impacts and ConsiderationsFrom prospect, we continuously follow these changes in the Google search algorithm to adapt and continue to improve the SEO and content strategies of our clients. Some areas to which we pay particular attention after the update are the following:•    Increase the quality of the content offered on the web adapting it to user searches, thus achieving, in addition to providing an added value to the users’ browsing experience, improving the search engine positioning.

It will be increasingly important to include viral pieces on our website to enhance our visibility in the search engine, actions called “performance content”.•    Change those contents of the website that can be considered as spam in the eyes of Google Panda, how excessive advertising in space, duplicate content or content that does not relate to the searches for which we want to position.Although it is more linked to Penguin, review of external links that point from pages that either may be punished for having a low-quality content or have already been punished.

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