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On thepersonal level, I came to love animation after watching many cartoon andanimated series (mostly Japanese), which inflicted/inspired me and played ahuge role for me to choose this topic which I like to seek as a future careerafter I can master the tools to enhance my knowledge in this topic. The motion picture production code known informally as the HaysCode was adopted from the 1930’s and played a large part of in heavilycensoring American cinema for over 30 years as a result animation couldn’tfreely depict satire monsters, violence and was kept far away from sexuality inadult themes.

 Since the production price was so high, studios had tosuccessfully appear to the masses on a regular basis just to break even. “Mostanimation doesn’t make money, and that’s kind of like the dirty little secretof the animation industry is. Most movies and TV shows don’t make money at allthey’re just designed to make and sell products, its good and bad” WillTerrell, Character/Prop Designer.The definition of what animation was seemed set in stone,unattainable without a sizable budget, however, the close of the 20thcentury saw the introduction of something that would revolutionize humanityforever and along with it animation and that of course was the Internet.This platform for limitless international distribution wasborn and there was little to no censorship. What if a kid show, because that’swhat animation is right? What if a kid show was rude is always the concept,which is still a hard thing to push in the industry, but with the birth of theInternet and independently published animation is now more accessible now, Ithink we’re finally in a position to see that shift start taking place. In 1996 a company called Macromedia purchased acompany called Future Wave and with it a program called Future SplashAnimator, they continued to develop the software and renamed it MacromediaFlash and due to its vector based format providing very low file sizes andit’s growing interactive capabilities, Flash quickly became one of thehighly used applications for web browser.

Millions of animation, games andapplications produced using Flash were engaging millions of peoplearound the world. “For animators like individual animators, it allowed them toreach such a huge audience, it was amazing, the single biggest contribution thatflash has made and I’m sure people argue with me about this but it’s reallyabout video, it made video possible on the web, and so things like YouTube,Vimeo, I’m pretty much that uses video that was because of flash.   “MikeChambers, Senior Director Communications Community and Evangelism for CreativeCloud at Adobe.  Flash took the web by storm and dominated the sphere ofshareable entertainment and in particular animation content.

However in 2007when Apple released the IPhone, and sparked with it the era ofsmartphones, they at the same time, rejected the Flash Player, whichresulted in many people expecting the imminent death of Flash and Animationonline.In 2016, they unveiled the newest evolution of Flashand renamed to Animate CC delivering with it even more innovative toolsfor animators and support for HTML5 (HTML5 is a broad set of technologies implemented in most browsers. Itincludes video playback, a drawing surface, animation, Web fonts, and moreawesome stuff)WEBGL ( (Web Graphics Library) is a JavaScript API forrendering interactive 2D and 3D graphics within any compatible web browserwithout the use of plug-ins) and HDand 4K video rendering.People have been saying the animation industry is dyingsince the animation industry has started, but now we’ve got more and morepeople that are creating new content like new and interesting kinds of stories,not just some corporate manifests, we get a lot of really fun, quirky animatedseries from people that really care about what they’re doing and I feel likethat’s going to happen more and more because those are the ones that aresucceeding.It’s our job as artists to be mindful of where technologyis headed so that we don’t get left behind because it’s easy to become replacedlike that with technology, there were people a long time ago that their job wasjust to do Color Corrections on movies that job doesn’t exist anymorebecause it’s all done on Photoshop.Animation is everywhere, it’s on the Internet, it’severywhere, so animation is redefining itself it’s not just for the big screen,or just TV, animations are everywhere. Animators and animation are evolving, they’ve gone throughit the whole history of art before where even the illustrators back in the daypanicked when photography came because they were just doing illustrations butnow photography is replacing that, so they no longer have to draw the men’s hator the things for the catalog.

Someone can go and take a really good photo of alandscape and someone that paints a landscape can have a better eye for whatmakes a good image.  There are a lot ofpeople who misses for good old days, like “I wish it was still on paper” allthat sort of stuff, but to me, the technological advancement in animation havemade it so incredibly assuasive, like before, when some first started to learn,they’d had to shoot everything, send off the film, wait six weeks for it tocome back, and they’re like “Oh, that’s where I made the mistake”  and then they had to fix it, and now for anexample, you can look at portfolios on a Cintiq (Wacom tablets fordrawing and photos activities) that has all the software built into it and ifit doesn’t work, the person can fix their portfolios without have to reshootand wasting so much time, no scanning, no paper, no ink. Being able to animate in your house has already changed thegame and we are all benefiting from that, and that’s just going to become moreand more intense. As films gets more influenced by CGI (ComputerGenerated Imagery) that’s a form of animation, so even if you have alive action film, a lot of films are like 30/20% animation now.

As animator,we’ve got to adapt to the evolution, there’s going to be a lot of people with alot of talents that aren’t necessarily going to be working in a studio,especially when it comes to things like Virtual Reality, which I thinkare going to be really big in the future, the competition might get more fiercebecause someone that’s never drawn in their life can pop up and make somethingbetter than you’ve ever made and even sharpening these skills your wholelife,  so it just means the pressures onto be good at what you do and that’s fine, more competition is fine, becausebetter art will be made.  Today animation tools are more powerful than ever beforetechnology is more affordable and the industry has never been more competitive,animation is no longer just for children and in a noisy world, oversaturatedwith content and stimulus animation has the power to transport the viewer intounlimited worlds with endless possibilities. I can say that with the evergrowing list of animation programs, becoming more powerful and more accessibleand with giant industries like Adobe building its resources and tools foranimation the future of indented animation is looking very bright.

Animation isseeing a new age of accessibility and innovation it can be consumed and createdby anyone on the planted as a result, the big studios has been forced to adaptand innovate to compete with the new wave of creative freedom born with theInternet wave. In the past animation studios were also heavily dominated bymales and gender equality and creative leadership roles was unheard of, todaynonprofit organizations like woman in animation are playing an important role inspeaking out for gender equality in the industry so that animation can continueto grow to be inclusive for all genders both inside and outside major studios.Today no matter who you are where you’re from you canaccess the unlimited possibilities of storytelling trough animation, technologywill continue to become more powerful and accessible and affordable andeducation is freely available on the information superhighway and with all ofthis, the future holds a bright horizon for people and artists who have thenext great tale to tell.

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