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On December 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese. Pearl Harbor is a U.S. Naval Base near Hawaii, Honolulu. This was the attack that brought the United States into World War 2. The Japanese planes and submarines were how Pearl Harbor was attacked. This day is remembered as a dark day in the history of American naval fleet. This attack was out of nowhere it was so unpredictable and it happened without warnings although the United States and Japan were already having tensions.  This bombing killed about 2,300 Americans and 68 civilians. 1,143 were wounded from this attack, 710 were from the navy, 69 marines, and 364 army, and also 103 were civilians. It completely destroyed the American battleship U.S.S Oklahoma. The attack had damaged a lot of their ships and things they used to fight with. 12 ships and nine others were either beached or sunk. Also, 160 aircrafts were destroyed and 150 others were damaged. There were only 5 survivors from this very tragic event. One of the questions that arose during this was “What was the most important reason that Japan attacked Pearl Harbor?” There are two different ways of interpreting this question. The first way of interpreting it was that they attacked to gain natural resources. Since, Japan was trying to accomplish their goal of having expansion in Asia and Pacific to increase they were in need for natural resources like oil, minerals, and steel.  Another way to interpret this is that Japan thought they could knock out the American navy by doing this surprise attack.  One of the reasons why Japan attacked Pearl Harbor was because Japan was in need of natural resources. In 1940 the US, Great Britain, and the Netherlands had started to ban oil and scrap metal to Japan in reaction to Japan attacking French Indochina. Unless a unused source of oil was opened, the Imperial Japanese Naval force would be inside a year and Japanese businesses would be in to a end in 12 to 18 months. A arrange was created to cripple the US Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor to permit time for Japan to seize the resource places it required and fortify them to the point that retaking them would fetched more lives than the Royal High Command thought Americans would be willing to pay. The Pearl Harbor assault arrange was conceived by Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, commander in chief of the IJN. Yamamoto had examined in the United States. He knew his country needed the capacity to overcome the much bigger, resource-and industry-rich nation and did not share the conclusion of numerous Japanese officers that the Americans were as well weak-willed to battle. Another reason was that, Japan needed to knock out the American fleet independent of getting natural resources. American had the most powerful naval fleets at the time. As America favored increasingly towards joining the war, the Japaneses started off first with bombing Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor was the residence of the U.S Pacific Fleet. Japan concluded that in this event if the Pacific Fleet was annihilated, Americans would feel demoralized and would not need to battle. The point was to secure Imperial Japan’s progress into the Dutch East Indies and Malaya for their natural resources such as elastic and oil, by neutralizing the U.S. Pacific Fleet.

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