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OCR from videography is a technique that can locate
any text inside a digital video file via the reading and
automatic extraction of any notes or captions. Notes and captions generally
provide the vital search
information (like – the names of
people, places or description of objects) about the video that is being
presented. Understanding
the content of the videos requires many technologies: speech recognition, language
processing, search strategies, image understanding, filtration etc. Extracting
and reading notes and captions provides the additional information about video
understanding. Performing OCR on video and combining the results with other
understanding techniques will improve the overall
understanding about the video content. Although there is a great need for
integrated character recognition in text-based videos. Automatic character
segmentation was performed
for titles and credits in motion picture videos in however;
papers have insufficient consideration of character
recognition. There are similar research fields which concern
character recognition of videos. In character extraction from
the car license plate using video images is presented and
characters in scene images are segmented and recognized
based adaptive thresholding. While these results are related,
character recognition for the video presents its own
difficulties because of different conditions of title character
size and complex backgrounds. In video caption resolution
of character is lower; also, the background complexity is
more severe than in other research. The first problem is low
resolution of the characters. The size of an image is limited
by title number of scan lines defined in the NTSC standard

a character of the video caption are small to avoid
of interesting objects such as people’s faces. Therefore, the
resolution of characters in the video caption is insufficient
to implement stable and robust Video OCR systems.
Another problem is the existence of complex backgrounds.
Characters superimposed on videos often have hue and
brightness similar to the background, making extraction
extremely difficult. These problems in video OCR have
opened an area for research.
Video OCR is a technique that can greatly help to locate
topics of interest in a large digital video via the automatic
extraction and reading of captions and annotations. Video
OCR process and all the process modules required in video
OCR are explained in section III. Applications of video
OCR are explained in section IV. Conclusion based on
relative work is explained in chapter V.

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