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I am an enthusiastic final year student whose
goal is to embark on a career in the financial services, specifically within Investment
Banking. I am searching for a platform that allows me to develop expertise in
statistical data mining and fundamental analytical skills, while I benefit your
firm with my critical thinking, work experience and leadership skills. I hold
team work and cooperation in the highest regard and I seek to achieve your and
my objectives with efficient multitasking.

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Bachelor of Commerce, (Exchange year),  University of Melbourne                                                                      July 2016- June 2017          BSc. Economics
and Finance, Queen Mary University of London                                                                            Sept 2015- June 2018

First class honors in most of the mid-term coursework and exams at QMUL with
also being awarded as student of the month in November 2015.Worked in
groups for economic experiments and analysis, giving presentations of the
successful conclusions recorded ­­­­(achieved 71%).Produced
presentations for coursework on MS Word (achieved 70%) and financial analysis
on MS Excel (with knowledge of V-lookups and VBA) for case studies in first
semester (achieved 97%).

A Levels, Nixor College                                                                                                                                            Sep 2013 – June 2015             

Mathematics (A) 
   Accounting (A)           Economics (B)

6 IGCSE’s: 3A* 2A 1B with A* in Math, Physics and

Employment and
Volunteering Experience

Intern, KPMG, Pakistan                                                              
2017- Sept 2017

Assigned in the Financial Services sector (asset
management) for Internal Audit

Accessed compliance according to regulations
and examined due diligence improving my analytical skills.Audited the performance of trades and assured
they comply with limits decided by the board.Reconciled NAV and proofread them with accounts
to eliminate errors.Worked with client’s employees on day to day
basis, enhancing my team work attributes. Investigated whether decisions are taken
according to board committee, developing my attention to detail in audit. Investment Intern, United Bank Limited, London                                                                                       
                    Jan 2017- Feb
2017Treasury  Intern, United Bank Limited, London                                                                                                             June 2017- Aug 2017Learning fundamentals of trade in FX and
Bonds, improving my analytical and decision-making abilities.Presenting a morning economic research, processing
deal tickets from FX trading desk, reconciling trading and cash positions. Learned the cash flow cycle and better
understanding of FX and Fixed Incomes, improving my financial market exposure. Gained wider perspective of trading and being
able to have strong technical and ethical characteristics. Off cycle Data Entry Intern & Personal
Assistant, Infinite Business Services Ltd, UK.                                     Nov 2016- Dec 2016Accounting & Finance Apprentice, Arabian
Gulf Steel Industries LLC, UAE                                                         June 2016-July 2016

four-week training for better understanding of how accounts department of
manufacturing industries work.

Held responsible
for making day to day transactions and controlling books of business. Filed
purchase vouchers, journal vouchers and lodging ledger books amplifying my
accounting concepts.Learned
the core ethics of industrial accounting, improving my vision in this field.

President, PakSoc Students Union, QMUL                                                                                                    Nov 2015- May 2017

for Making posters and online marketing of the upcoming events resulting in
creating awareness about upcoming projects and targeting large market segments.Making
project floor plans and explaining the execution of the events in detail with
SWOT analysis.Looking
after the society making sure the events are executed carefully, developing my
leadership skills.

Assistant, A level Accounting, Nixor College                                                                                         Sept
2014- Jan 2015

with students and giving lectures improved my professionalism, confidence and
presentational skills. Balancing
my studies and part time work as a Teacher Assistant improved my time
management and organization skills.

promoted from a voluntary part time TA to a Paid professional TA within a month
of joining, representing my dedication.

Chief Operational Officer,
Uraan (Charity)                                                                                                           Nov
2013- May 2015

An Organization which caters to basic
needs of families. My responsibilities involved:

 planning for fund raiser events, interviewing victim
families, sharing the ideas to improve life and microfinancing to fulfil their
needs. This assignment improved my innovative thinking and was promoted to COO
in 9 months.  

Other Skills

Languages: Fluent speaker of English, Urdu
and Arabic.

Skills: Great
passion for cooking and an expert at preparing family dinners/charity food
Sports: Active participant in the
college basketball team. Currently an active swimmer and regular gym user to
improve fitness.

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