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Object-oriented programming (OOP) is a type of programming language based on classes and objects. The programmer defines not only the attribute but also the operations (methods) of that data structure.

That data structure called object that has states and behaviors. There are multiple advantages of Object Oriented Programming. The most important ones are modularity, inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation(information-hiding).The benefit of modularity is it is a way of breaking complex problems into more manageable ones. It breaks our code into classes. Whenever we need to use a class we can simply call that class and reuse our code.

  Additionally, it makes the code more maintainable. Identifying the source of errors becomes easier because “If a particular object turns out to be a problem, you can simply remove it from your application and plug in a different object as its replacement. This is analogous to fixing mechanical problems in the real world. If a bolt breaks, you replace it, not the entire machine.” (

tr, 2017) Inheritance allows classes to inherit commonly used state and behavior from other classes. As an example, we can say the customer class inherits from human class because customer and human have the same proprieties. By Inheriting states and behaviors we reuse our code.Polymorphism is a Greek originated word and it means many forms. Polymorphism helps us in code reuse and prevents unnecessary complexity. Let’s say we have a shape class. This class is inherited by square, circle, triangle… Because each class has a different underlying data the draw method of each class is different.

With the help of polymorphism, we don’t need to write different methods and method names only draw method is enough for drawing the square, triangle, circle and all other shapes. Encapsulation is the ability of an object to hide its data and methods from the rest of the program. “By interacting only with an object’s methods, the details of its internal implementation remain hidden from the outside world.

“(, 2017).

This is often a sign of a well-structured computer system and a good design. Because encapsulation helps us have high readability and maintainability in our code.This object-oriented programming advantages can also have implemented in business structures to maximize the efficiency of the work. Productivity is one of the most important aspects of companies managing complex projects without a good plan there will be disorder and chaos. The modularity system in object-oriented programming is a great way out from this problem. Business should break their given workload into parts and distribute into different specialized groups same as classes. With the experience of past practices, this specialized groups will do the works faster than any other group. If a particular group failed to do their work this won’t affect the main project drastically and because it is just a small part of the work, it will be compensable.

New employees or interns can work with this small groups and learn and inherit the experience of old employees.Although each group is specialized in a different subject they should also have information about similar subjects. This makes the groups flexible and multipurpose same as polymorphism in object-oriented programming. When in need this groups should be used instead of creating more groups. This prevents us wasting human resources on similar subjects.The other thing which affects the performance of businesses is the interest of employees towards their work. Companies should prevent any information that disturbs the attention of employee’s work. The access to information and communication with other groups should be minimized and controlled.

Because this irrelevant and unnecessary information may cause waste of working hours.     If we summarize, modularity helps us maintain order and creates us a structured working environment. polymorphism prevents us putting additional workforce in similar works. Encapsulation hides the irrelevant information in the working environment and prevents the waste of time.     In conclusion, I believe a structure of a business should take the advantage of object-oriented programming and implement to their own businesses.

These advantages of OOP can be added to the management of the businesses with it new methods can be developed. I think this will be a major step forward.

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