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Information must be
factual and accurate for it to be valid, so companies know what to do in
certain situations. If information were to be invalid, the company may make
mistakes when it comes to selling items. For example, if the company was like
Amazon and only sold their products online, having valid information for the
availability of items in their stock would be very important. Incorrect
information for the availability of the item that the system says they have in
stock but really don’t, will possibly cause complications between the company
and the customer, and will cause the
item to be shipped at a later than originally stated to the customer.

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There is a
difference between information and reliable information. For example, if you
were working at a private investigation firm looking to research a police case,
information you get off the internet from sites such as Wikipedia – which
anyone can edit, is obviously not going to be a hundred percent accurate, as it
could be any talking about a topic that they don’t know about. Or you can get reliable
information of things such as police documents or court manuscripts directly
from the police instead of possibly biased people talking and posting
unreliable information on the internet.




When information is
needed, it is needed as fast as possible to save time as decision based on the
company’s future could depend on it. Timely information could also apply to
things such as the companies’ stocks, where every update counts for the company’s



Fit for Purpose

received must be relevant to the people it is being delivered to. You don’t
want the financial department receiving information that was meant for the IT
department, as that information would be irrelevant to them. It is important to
only send information that is necessary to what you are being asked for,
nothing more that they don’t want which makes it harder for them to go through.




The information you
send must be easy to read and understandable for the employee to make use off.
Relating to the ‘fit for purpose’ paragraph, information must be what is
necessary and nothing more for them, so they don’t have to read as much as they
would with the reliable information on it. Information also must be accessible
to all departments as they all need their own separate information on things
such as finances for them to do their job.







Cost Effective

Information does
not come free, whether it is time spent researching or the cost of information
from a researching company or a source. Companies can save money and/or time by
employing people for the sole reason of gathering or gaining information
through their sources to use for their own reasons.




The information
given to a certain department has to be relevant to them for use, and must
include all necessary data, nothing more. If the IT department received
information that is meant for finance department, they would have wasted time
analysing it to find out it is worthless information. Even if you do send the
information to the right department, you have to make sure that the information
included is necessary to them and not some useless information that isn’t
needed for their task.



Has the right level
of detail?

Detail is important
in companies, when doing something such as making a deal or deciding to buy a
property or finding out how many pens the company has bought by the company,
the devil is in the details. If the company was buying pens for £1.53 pounds
for twenty, but the information said £1.50 pound for twenty, this could cause
the finance department to get in trouble with management, as they were going
over budget on pens. If this was a bigger number and the figure, was a lot more
the £1.50, someone in the finance department could lose their job.



Is from a source
that the user has confidence in

If your information
is from a reliable source, you can guarantee it is good information.
Information from places like Wikipedia are unreliable, as anyone is allowed to
edit their pages, meaning someone may have changed the facts on the Wikipedia
as a joke or some other reason. Getting information from trusted sources ensures
that there are no errors that lead to you down the line.



Understandable by
the user

When the
information is being read by a department, it must be easy to read so the
department can quickly get on to any task they were doing. If the information
on the report is all unorganized or in another language, it can cause
complications and lead to miscommunication and failure of their task. It is
important that the information is readable by whoever needs it before it is
sent to them for use.





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