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AIBL main strength is they have
some loyal and self-motivated employees. This is strength for every
organization. AIBL have young and talented employees they are able to handle
any situation of the organization. This help organization grow fast. Huge
number of employee work AIBL because of islami halal banking and self-satisfaction.
Financial this bank is very strong enough to make huge fruitful investment and
provide good amount of money as dividend to its shareholders. AIBL currently
has 154 branches all over the country.

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AIBL started new idea called “Agent
Banking” system. These agent banking offices are won by the third-party people
but with the supervisor of main banking. This system brings the bank more
closely to the people’s door. Working environment of AIBL is so friendly there
is no barrier to contract with senior officer everyone helps each other. Most
important thing I saw in the bank every employees try to help each and every
customer they willingly ask for helps to customer even they fulfill customer
form. If any customer want to know balance they can know from any employee
don’t need to go fixed one everyone provide service. AIBL always develop their
system their online system is ‘Ababil’ which is developed by Bangladeshi after
that they won maximum share of this for making secure this system.



Everything has some weakness like
that AIBL also have some weakness. Their main weakness is office space they
don’t have that much space for their braches. Their system is so weak they
don’t have update technology. Customers are not happy with that system. They
have poor infrastructural condition they don’t have modern decorated office
system. Some branches become over crowded more often some customer complain
about this to the branches like New Elephant Road branches where I worked. Some
time I saw all the employees don’t follow office rules manager don’t monitor
all these things.

AIBL IT operating system is not
that good, so many computers don’t work it give problem and their internet
speed is slow. It takes huge amount of time to solve a problem. Till now they
did not upgrade their windows system still now they use windows XP but whole
world are using windows 10.






Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited has
huge opportunity to make them rich and top Islami bank in Bangladesh. Most of
the people of Bangladesh are muslim if AIBL star doing business every district
of Bangladesh with Islamic rules and regulation and Quran and Hadish people of
rural area attract by this they collect huge amount of remittance. Now people
have to come town for better services.

AIBL can start mobile banking it will help them to become more success.
The most big   opportunity is update
technology if they start using update technology and start digital marketing  they have chance to become top Islamic bank in
the Bangladesh.



There are lots of establish bank in
Bangladesh. Their profit sharing with client and shareholder dividend is more
than Al-Arafah Islami Bank Ltd. Their equipment and service, office setup,
upgrade technology, intelligent and knowledge employee is much better than
AIBL. They all are main threat for AIBL because if AIBL lose one customer they
will not come back that’s why AIBL have to think smart than other otherwise
competitor will take all the client of them.

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