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NYU admits approximately 13,000 students, internationally
each year, thus contributing more than $30 billion nation-wide (confirmed by
NAFSA, 2015) yet many International students have challenges to get their first
job in the USA. There are various rules, concepts, and regulations that we need
be aware of, so as to avoid facing challenges later on.

Work Authorization after

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Once international students have completed their education,
they face issue in getting authorization to work. Options for job opportunities
or internships once you have completed your MBA/Post MBA program abroad are
very less as compared to residential students. The laws keep on fluctuating as
well hence making it a hectic and painful job for companies and students alike.


You can either apply for an Internship, optional practical
training (often known as OPT) and H1B Visa.

Now, getting an H1B VISA is a challenge in itself. There are
approximately 85,000 VISAS that are approved each year; of which 20,000 are reserved
for students who are based internationally. In fiscal year 2015, ICE, popularly
known as United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement, received more than
232,000 applications. So, the decision was taken via lottery.

Finding a VISA Sponsor

Finding a VISA sponsor is another challenge. Due to the
above mentioned concern, MNC’s look forward to hire locally. The reason is it
is costly for them to sponsor a H1B VISA. The students enrolled in F-1 VISA
might still stand a chance but for H1B VISA it depends totally on the expertise
of the student and how willing a company is, to sponsor their VISA (it costs nearly
$20,000 for six-year VISA, which again has a higher rejection rate).


Before you choose to apply for schools, ensure you
understand your VISA terms and conditions. Chalk out action plan and then
invest. Talk to the people who have been there.* Do not only believe in word-of-the-mouth. When you choose to pursue
MBA from USA, it is a huge investment, future-wise and finance-wise. Choose

Once, you are there, do not sit idly and wait for chances.
Start meeting professors and develop your network. Start researching about
companies that sponsor post-study VISA*.

Academic Honor

Do you remember, copying home-work of your peers in the need
of hour (that occurred almost daily, though). You must also remember, cheating
and copying answers in an exam. Well, it was nostalgic days.

Let me bring those memories to a halt (You can cuss me now
but be sure to thank me later, just kidding). In the US, people are brought up in
strict compliance with plagiarism. It means, not copying verbatim of your peers
at all. Now if you fly there and someone sues you for plagiarism, it can be
tough. If you are found guilty, you can be convicted as well.


Stay updated about the existing laws. Meet your professors
and attend informative workshops. You can choose a mentor and let him assist you
with guidelines*.

Communication Gap

Language and accent issues are frequently faced by many
international students. Even if you have cleared your standardized tests, still
it does not make you proficient with their slangs, phrases and commonly used
words. It at times, can become a source of insecurity among international
students. At times you might face challenges in communication courses. This can
often stop you from getting a leadership positions as well.


You need to practice as much as you can before you are
there. Once you land, do not hesitate in approaching your professors or
attending workshops. These are of immense help. You can also approach your
mentor to assist you*. 

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