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Nurses can treat patients in hospitals, schools, nursing homes, walk-in clinics, and prisons. Some nurses even teach other nurses to do medical research (Career Cruising- At a Glance).  Many aspects that I have that fits the job of a nurse is providing medical care and treatment to people. Being interested in the human biology is another aspect that fits the nursing job for me. (Career Cruising- Suitable for You?)Nurses record details about their patients, conditions, and their treatment that they have had or need. They are always talking with the doctor about their patients (Career Cruising- Job Description). Being a nurse they have to remember to give the patients their medication on time. The most important thing for a nurse is to keep themselves clean. Washing their hands helps keep germs away from sick patients. RN nurses communicate with families about their past and current health issues (Career Cruising- Job Description). This includes their lifestyle and diet. Some nursing jobs are: surgery (the operating room), pediatrics (children), critical care (the intensive care unit),psychiatric nursing (mentally ill patients), geriatrics (older people). Nurses do not have a set schedule. Most full time nurses work between 35 and 45 hours a week. The nurses who work in hospitals or nursing homes work up to 12 hour shifts. Nurses can work night shifts or weekends (Career Cruising- Working Conditions). The nurses who work in community center have a more regular schedule. Nurses can work up to a week or even a month at a time (Career Cruising- Working Conditions).    The average income of a RN nurse is between $47,000 to $103,000 a year. The median salary of a nurse is $68,000 a year (Career Cruising- Earnings). Nurse who undergo more training earn more. The nurses who have bachelor degrees often earn more than those who have diplomas or associate degrees. To earn more money RNs can work overtime (Career Cruising- Earnings). That means that they are ready to go into work whenever they get a call. In order to become a RN nurse a high school diploma is required, it is said that a person should take science, english, and math as a senior (Career Cruising- Education). In college it is recommended that a four year bachelor degree in science (BSN). If you have a higher education then it will be easier to get hired. Some hospitals will only hire people with a bachelor degree. You can only become a nurse if you are licensed by your state.   

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